Baby Steps to Your Psychic Powers to Save the World, part 1

Visual Ray Psionic QiGong Fundamentals

In the same way that Beginning QiGong Practitioners learn to feel Qi or bioelectricity through diligent practice, you will also learn to feel the same through your visual ray in the next few steps.

I have a manual floating around here on visual ray psionics. You need only click through the links of the same name at Visual Ray Psionics to find it.

The manual contains all the details you need to utilize your visual ray, but I thought I should touch upon the basics from a slightly different perspective in terms of getting a feeling for it. Even skeptics, if they correctly follow these steps, will be convinced of the existence of psychic energy.

  1. Hold your hands palms facing each other just below eye level as if to pray, but allow a small space between them.
  2. Slowly push your palms towards then away from each other with an oscillating motion. While you are doing this, relax your gaze between your palms.
  3. As you oscillate your palms together, you should begin to experience a gossamer feeling between them such as a sensation of warmth or resistence. You are building a bioelectric (Qi) potential between your palms.
  4. When you achieve this sensation, slow the oscillations further then shift your gaze slowly to and fro between your palms.
  5. When you feel a definite force gliding between your palms with your gaze, you are sensing your visual ray.

We lose most of our psychic energy throughout the day through the visual ray. When we practice QiGong, we regain that energy. Another way to regain that energy is through cloudbusting as discussed in the Visual Ray Psionics Manual.

I realize that the “Men who eat Goats” movie poked fun at psychics and cloudbusting, but the above exercise proves that the visual ray is real.

I touch upon the most important points in the Visual Ray Psionics Manual. The following points emphasize the characteristics of this energy after it leaves our eyes:

  • Psychic energy “clouds” are accumulated and formed en masse by human society.
  • The “clouds” are mostly amorphous since they are created passively, thus lacking true purpose.
  • The “clouds” with stronger emotional intentions tend to absorb the emotionally weaker ones.
  • The “clouds” float every where regardless of space – time – mass – energy barriers.
  • The “clouds” resonate with all kinds of energy.
  • The “clouds” coalesce into all kinds of energy including “ghosts,” “UFOs,” and ball lightning to perform specific tasks.
  • The “clouds” can be controlled and absorbed through QiGong Practice and similar disciplines.

You may be wondering how we go from simply sensing the visual ray to using our psychic powers as in remote influencing. Beyond diligent practice and discipline, your psychic training should become a lifestyle that leads to a life goal.

Like a QiGong Master, you must live as a psychic adept in practicing your sensitivity to all sorts of subtle energies; this means you need to be mindful of all your feelings and sensations.

You should know, it’s counter productive to be a psychic “looney” as in the “Goats who stare at Men” movie. What is productive is to understand your capabilities, stengthen them, and utilize them to the best of your abilities; this includes your psychic energy.

The Original Purpose of the “Cloud”

The original purpose of the adepts in different cultures is to return to nature. Of Transcendental Meditation, Order of the Golden Dawn, Kabbalah, QiGong, and all the other esoteric religious sects, the original purpose of all their practices was to achieve enlightenment.

We achieve enlightenment by surrendering ourselves to become one with universal knowledge and energy; this concept is akin to the Christian Idea of surrendering ourselves to God. Unity with nature is a defining goal of an adept.

In terms of Chinese Culture, this is known as “Wuji” or nothingness. “Wuji” is akin to becoming “invisible” by becoming one with nature. Consequently, by achieving unity with nature, we can tap into its knowledge and power.

That may sound ego driven, but from the perspective of the super ego achieving true knowledge and power must be done through selflessness and love for all of nature.

Studies of this accomplishment exist in every esoteric corner of culture from east to west. Until now, the best kept secret has been the external alchemy achieved through the visual ray.

The visual ray draws upon the energy of its surroundings through intense mental discipline of the practitioner. The original purpose is for the practitioner to draw upon all the energies of nature through visual ray psionics, then draw the energy back into him/herself to achieve “Wuji,” the state of unity.

Please understand, it’s a rather empty perspective to think that an accomplished one or siddhi, would use his discipline to become “invisible” to study his enemies or sneak around the girls’ locker room. Invisibility is merely a side effect of achieving unity or nothingness.

What we really want to do is channel this potential energy state into useful action such as enlightenment.

From this state, we also have other abilities such as remote influencing. I have a special link to Gerald O’Donnell’s site because he also trains his students to achieve unity with nature using old school methods in his remote influencing course.

Your Attention to World Issues is Appreciated

The next part of Baby Steps to Psychic Powers to Saving the World covers a simple remote influencing exercise to further prove the existence of psychic energy. For now, your heart felt attention is needed to help people in Japan.

I realize that I’ve asked you to visit GCI with your healing intentions. Those of you who lack the time or proper schedule can still do it if you took the time to read this. Please see their latest message:

GCI Care Focus – Japan Earthquake

As we compassionately hold Japan in our heart space, let’s fill the affected areas with unconditional love and heart warmth. While doing this, envision a most comforting and peaceful process of recovery guided by the spirit of love and compassion.

Also let’s remember to hold in our heart space, Libya, the Middle East and other areas of turbulence and duress. Let’s sustain our vision for the highest best outcome and the most peaceful resolution while maintaining compassion and unconditional love.

Through these emerging global stress events, it’s important to practice the caring maintenance of our own energy balance in relationship to these seemingly ongoing occurrences. When our emotions are exhausted and frayed, it compromises our personal system and diminishes the effectiveness of our intentions to be helpful. We compassionately realize it’s harder to prevent emotional drain at times when personally connected to these stressful events. Yet it’s worth taking time out on occasion to consciously breathe the feeling of calm and restoration into your system. Doing this from your genuine heart feelings restores emotional resilience, which is especially needed when giving energetic care and support to others who are experiencing a harder time. Use any restoration techniques that work for you. The important thing is: at least remember to do it. Self-care is an essential component in global care.

To join us in the Global Care Room; you can enter the room directly from Simply log-in with your e-mail and GCI password. You may also enter by logging into and clicking the Global Care Room link on your My Member Page. Thank you for providing energetic care and support.

In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen noon, 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. Pacific Standard Time ( -8 hours GMT ) when GCI members in the Global Care Room can do the Care Focus together.

Thank you for your participation,

The GCI Staff

Global Coherence Initiative – 14700 West Park Ave – Boulder Creek, California 95006 – 831-338-8500

Since the app at the Global Care Room uses Google Earth, it can only be done from Windows or MAC. If you are only a linux user, this is the only legitimate reason for not participating in the GCI Group effort to help save the world.

It’s possible there are those of you who feel that you have too many troubles in your own life to focus on that of others.

All things relative, if you are here reading this from the comfort of your own room, please remember: There are people in this world who are far worse off than you and what goes around comes around: What you put into the world comes back to you at least ten fold. Recall this piece of scripture:

“As Ye Sow, so shall Ye Reap” [Galatians 6:7-8].

By helping others in this world to live better, you are recreating this world to help serve you in return. Isn’t that a good and simple enough reason to help save the world?

For now, I leave you with two symbols of heart felt focus when you visit GCI. One is for healing:

healing symbol

The other is for protection:

protection symbol

Please use your mind / visual ray to focus these symbols on parts of the world where they are needed the most. Thank you for your time.

Healing Thoughts,
Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. Part 2 of Baby Steps to Your Psychic Powers to Save the World is coming shortly.

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