Symbology: Prediction of 2011 Japanese Tsunami a Month Earlier?

Did Gerald O’Donnell predict the Japan Tsunami exactly one month earlier?

I was going over my notes from Gerald O’Donnell, founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Thought and Reality, when I glanced at his last message of 11 February 2011, exactly one month before the Japanese Tsunami:

“Because of the exponential acceleration of chaos within world events in large strategic regions, nature’s wrath, and the very precarious level of the illusory fake very temporary balance we are trying to preserve as a civilization, I have decided to unveil very soon a article which will give a Higher perspective to what I call the Final Cosmic Clash and where its potential resolution really lies.

“And yes, it does indeed involve your acting silently, all of you. I will show you how.

“We are all walking a High level wire, above torrential waters, in an act which will require your undivided attention, focus on balance, and unified co-operation.

“There will be also 2 interviews released very soon on these subjects…”

I had put away this message on the day I received it and tried to forget about it. I was in the mood to focus on positive things and figured that Gerald may have simply been reacting to the uprising in the middle east. Now, I can’t shake the feeling that he was trying to tell us something more; he was trying to tell us about the future.

Most of the time when we remote view or have precognitive visions, it’s like dreaming. Dreams consist of symbols. Symbols can be anything from colors to numbers to people to shapes to sounds including the way these symbols intermix and make us feel.

But When Gerald mentioned, “nature’s wrath… walking a High level wire, above torrential waters…” exactly one month before the Japan Tsunami, it’s too close for a metaphor. Is it possible that he remote viewed this event and thought that he was only using a metaphor?

From my experience of RV, visions are like impressionistic “paintings” coming to life. When we dream, our minds usually breathe recognition into a “painting,” so we can understand and relate to dream symbols. For example, when we hear strange monotonic sounds in our sleep, our minds usually reinterpret it as music which is recognizable.

Objective vs. Subjective

Recognition including feelings that we breathe into otherwise unrecognizable dream symbols is usually the result of our egos and cultural influence; this is an inclemency. In order for RV to be objective, symbols due to inclemencies are omitted from objective reporting.

During RV, the symbols that we want to tune in are from the universal “matrix;” these are underlying objective symbols that run “deeper” than ego and cultural influences. Some people say these are symbols are “outside” of subjective ego and cultural influences. Both statements are true.

Our mission as remote viewers is to tune in the objective symbols provided to us by universal intelligence. In order to do that:

  1. First, we accept that we are all part of the universal matrix (according to the Holographic Paradigm).
  2. Second, we accept that we are humans living with human egos and cultural influences.
  3. Third, We have to admit to our personal inclemencies, so can “separate the wheat from the chafe” when telling the difference between objective and subjective symbols.

None of us on this planet are absolutely perfect in telling the difference between subjective and objective which is why there are RV groups where RV practitioners keep each other in check. However, this doesn’t mean that remote viewing is relegated only to those who trained; those who are trained have learned to be more objective about their visions.

In fact, We All Have Visions

We all dream. We all have dream symbols, both sleeping and waking. It’s more than possible that we all had precognition of the disasters in Japan as any other disaster.

As Dean Radin pointed out “Science and the Taboo of PSI” in his psychoenergetic experiments, most or all of his random number counters placed all over the world have simultaneous readings just before a disaster; this phenomenon is conducive to the equivalent psychic phenomenon of precognition.

Remote Viewing encompasses post-cognition, clairvoyance, and pre-cognition. All of us remote view, but the school systems provided by spiritually decadent culture are not interested in training the mental discipline necessary to objective interpretations. Kids are stressed with the idea that their psychic experiences don’t matter.

When we live in a culture that has stripped away importance from our dreams, we tend to focus on trivial pursuit. We tend to focus only on the established paradigm within that society – and how to fit into it. Unless our dreams fit within that established paradigm, the so called “critical thinkers” and other skeptics within that culture don’t want to hear it.

When is the last time that mainstream press has reported any kind of psychic phenomena, much less precognition of major events? Never. Mainstream press is simply not interested in exploring human psychic potential.

Therefore, when people like Gerald O’Donnell, Ingo Swann, Lynn Buchanan, Paul Smith and other RV experts have precognitive visions, the mainstream doesn’t want to hear it; they prefer that the human race remains disconnected from the infinite, intelligent, ordered universe of which we are all part.

On the other hand, you may have wondered about certain symbols that you have seen in the back of your mind, or the corners of your eyes. We may have been trained by spiritually bereft people to ignore coincidences and synchronicities, but, intuitively, WE realize that the universal “matrix” is trying to provide us with understanding and insight.

My Personal Symbols

Personally, I get tired, perhaps, fearful of seeing certain symbols when I see them over and over again, day after day. For me, the symbol has been “9:11” whenever I turn to look at a clock. Why does my subconscious always tell me to turn and look at a clock when it’s “9:11?”

In my studies, “9:11” represents a few things besides that tragic day in New York. In Stewart Swerdlow’s The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace, “9” represents the end of a cycle. “11” represents the beginning of a new cycle.1 In tandem, these numbers refer to any cycle of death and life, ending and beginning. From microcosm to macrocosm, “9:11” can mean anything.

Before this, I studied the actual birthdate of Jesus Christ on September 11. Religious zealots scoff at this, but they neglect the fact that we’re on a Julian Calendar wherein Julius Caesar and the Roman Catholics pushed around real holy days and invented “holidays” at their own convenience.

A day of tragedy falling on 9/11 that changed the face of modern society told me that a certain group wants us to fear the date, 9/11, a day we should be rejoicing the birth of Jesus Christ.

The problem is what I feel subconsciously whenever I encounter the symbol, “9:11.” What I feel, like anyone else, was produced by experience: We were all traumatized.

The problem is that I saw “9:11” for weeks before the tsunami in Phuket. The Problem is I saw “9:11” for weeks before my only nephew’s demise a month later, weeks before BP’s Official Gulf Disaster, weeks before my mother had to go to the hospital, and weeks before the Japan Tsunami on 3/11/11 with subsequent nuclear reactor failure at Fukushima.

What good is seeing a “9:11” symbol with a feeling of dread when it’s so non-specific? When there’s all kinds of turmoil going on this planet including our personal lives? Not much good at all – until now. Now, I’m asking YOU if you have been experiencing similar symbols and/or feelings before these disasters. I know that I’m not the only one. Please leave your comments below.

We draw these symbols into our lives as lessons to be learned. Some of these lessons are good. Some lessons are terrible and traumatizing. If the lesson resonates with us, we tend to speak in terms of these symbols like “9:11” or “a high wire above torrential waters…”

Our culture is built upon symbols. However, we must probe deeper for the underlying symbols provided to us by universal intelligence in order to explore our true psychic senses.

The next post is a follow up: Remote Influencing through Symbols, which also explores proof of concept research by Dr. William Tiller. Thank you for your time.

Healing thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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1Appendix C, p.129; The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace; Stewart Swerdlow; 1999.

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