The Arguement for Your Paranormal Abilities

My first intention for using the training courses from Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing was to make a positive difference in my own life. Like anyone else, I wanted to take the most profitable path. Then I took the remote influencing course.

Now, I think about the rest of the planet. I’m thinking, “what good is success on a planet that’s going to hell?” As I write this, there’s hell happening in the Gulf of Mexico, Libya, nukes in Fukushima (which is spreading hell every where) and a lot of other places. Then I wonder to myself what everyone else around me is doing about it.

Considering that most people have their faces buried in their own lives with not much of a care for the rest of the world, I’m glad you’re here. Like me, I hope you crave a higher path to success. I hope that you crave heaven on earth or something similar. I hope that you want to take an active part in creating heaven on earth. Some of the richest people on this planet have achieved great success insofar as how they have helped the world around them.

Unfortunately, there are also rich and powerful people who bank on disaster, destruction, suffering, and war; these people vie for the highest position they can possibly achieve – in their man made hell. These are the people of Psalm 73.

Please remember this ancient proverb when practicing remote influencing: The lowest place in heaven is still higher than the highest place in hell. When we use our spiritual assets for good, we will always be higher than the people of Psalm 73.

Scientific Evidence

I prefer to work with people who are inspired to achieve the same goals as myself. You obviously feel inspired to be here, but I want something more from you: I want you to have confidence. You, like everyone else, have the potential to remote influence the world around you.

Since you’re here, you already have confidence that psychic powers exist, but how can you prove it to yourself and to others?

First, you may want scientific evidence. When I first got interested in psi phenomena, I was looking for a way to explain my experiences. I didn’t need proof; it’s possible that you are also like me, in search of explanations for your experiences.

Paranormal Researchers like Dr. William Tiller have been looking into these phenomena for decades in a clinical setting. In this summary of Dr. Tiller’s research, “Tiller et al’s Research vs. Today’s Establishment Science Research,” he indicates the following relationship:

Our scientific research, which we call psychoenergetic science is an attempt to expand this picture of nature to deal with the next more complex reaction equation:

Mass < — > Energy < — > Consciousness
with each unique quality being somehow convertible, one to the other…..This latter level has a new kind of physics which can be modulated by human consciousness. The output from these IIEDs seem to enhance the coupling between these two levels of physical reality in the laboratory space so that our instruments now measure the sum of the normal spacetime uncoupled data response plus a coupling coefficient times the physical vacuum level response…

This research cross correlates with the latest findings of UCLA Physicists on the binary condition of space in “Is space like a chessboard? (excerpt)”

“In quantum mechanics, “spin up” and “spin down” refer to the two types of states that can be assigned to an electron. That the electron’s spin can have only two values – not one, three or an infinite number – helps explain the stability of matter, the nature of the chemical bond and many other fundamental phenomena…

“..the electron’s spin could arise not from rotational motion of its substructure, but rather from the discrete, chessboard-like structure of space…”

This concept agrees with Tiller’s assertion that psychic energy conditions space, therefore, adjusts the properties of matter.

Tiller’s further assertions and that of remote viewers in this scientific proof and evidence report cross correlate psychic energy with scalar fields discussed within “Advanced Energetics for Aeronautical Applications: Volume II,” a NASA paper on space propulsion technologies including an esoteric treatise on longitudinal magneto-dielectric waves.

There are more papers on these subjects, but I don’t want to swamp you.

Psychic energy provides every indication that it operates within the same “limitations” as longitudinal electric waves, which is basically limitless in it’s operations; this (potential) energy passes through every kind of physical object, “faster” than light. Only a barrier of the same type of energy can block longitudinal waves.

You and your friends can experiment with scalar fields and longitudinal waves with a ready made kit to prove their existence and simplicity or duplicate scalar field experiments using Tesla Technology. The projects are very easy.

Of course, human beings are infinitely more complex than any of the bizarre coil configurations in these experiments. Nikola Tesla realized this: We have infinite numbers of “coils” within our DNA. Infinite numbers of “spark gaps” and “capacitors” are within our synapses and quantum microtubules. Our bodies are infinitely complex “circuit patterns” using the most powerful parallel processor (brain) inextricably attached to higher realms of consciousness and order.

If we really are “pieces” of the hologram we know as the universe, a concept shared by more than Michael Talbot, then we are all part of the same universal order.

Since we are all conscious parts of a universal hologram, it stands to reason that we are all part of universal consciousness, the same consciousness which created the universe. Logically, we should be able to “recreate” the world around us such as shift the properties of matter as in the Tiller Psychoenergetic Experiments.

But if there’s anything that Tiller Experiments have proven is that intense mental discipline and patience are keys to success for inducing psychic phenomena. Let me show you a few short cuts in the next post, Remote Influencing: Changing Reality through Symbols. Thank you for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

Connect to the Universal Mind

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