Changing Reality through Symbols: The Psychic Punch

A while back, a post on healing through symbols, “How to Heal with a Biblical Name of God using Inner Power,” showed us how to heal a subject through a spiritual method of touch and focus.

Since we now have a (“class 7, Chernobyl type”) dire situation happening in Japan that is spreading toxic amounts of radiation all over the planet, I have to ask you to make a quantum leap in helping to render this nuclear disaster inert. I would prefer for to you learn baby steps, so you can do this properly, but now, I’m giving you a crash course by combining methods from different arenas in remote influencing.

This method is stressful since it involves isometrics; it also requires extreme focus and mental stamina. If you find this method is beyond your abilities, then please try to protect yourself and your loved ones using the complimentary detox manual offered at Bioenergetic Science Circle:

Prayer is also useful as long as you consistently have faith 24/7 in God to fulfill your prayers. Here is proof in the power of faith and prayer:

The Power of Prayer

Grow mold in two identical petri dishes 1 and 2 and pray for dish 1. Don’t pray for dish 2. The mold in dish 1 will grow bigger [1998]. (The National Institute of Health, Office of Alternative Medicine) [btw: In a similar experiment in 1986 at UCSF, 24 heart patients were randomly assigned to two groups of 12 and the group receiving prayers did better.]

Faith Heals

Reproducible scientific experiments carried out by Harold Koenig of Duke University show that people who have a religion, any religion, are healthier, are more disease resistant, and live longer than those who don’t. (See also the book by Dale Matthews, 1998)

When I say 24/7 about your faith, I mean one hour of lukewarm church on sunday isn’t enough. If the rest of your week is filled with sin, bad feelings, or trivial pursuit, one hour of “cleansing” a week isn’t enough. Even if we treat that one hour of church like a cup of boiling water, it still contains less “heat” than a tub filled with warm water; this is the power of faith with beliefs based in love, 24/7.

Even more important is to have the faith and willpower in yourself to channel spiritual energies to bring real goodness and healing into the world; this is the purpose of changing reality or intercession. Let’s examine how we do this through symbols.

Symbol = Witness

Our subconscious latches onto all kinds of symbols. In turn, those symbols can be used as keys to our subconscious such as a certain scent or music piece. We tend to recall symbols with the deepest emotional attachments, especially when they have pronounced physical correlations like an adrenaline rush, heart race, and temperature rise.

Quick, name a symbol that has the greatest emotional meaning for you… Did you guess it? You shouldn’t have to guess. What about a picture of the person with whom you’re in love? The picture is a symbol of that person – and your heart beats quite strongly for that person. Doesn’t it?

We use symbols as keys for opening our minds to all kinds of possibilities. For example, when we look at a symbol of our true loves, we can go back in our memories and imagine good times or bad. We can imagine what they’re doing in the present or the future, anywhere in the world. We do this through intense sensory visualization wherein we (re)create an event within our minds to the last iota.

Some people call it “day dreaming.” Please remember from the Law of Attraction that the greater the emotional attachment, the sharper and truer that image within our minds becomes. Therefore, when we dream about being with our true love, when we dream about doing what we truly desire, we usually go out and find a way to do it.

In turn, we can use a symbol, like a certain scent or sound, to open that image within our minds into physical reality; this is because symbols are like “witnesses” to the people, places, and things they represent. A “witness” is a symbolic embodiment of the actual person, place, or thing.

I know, that sounds like voodoo, but we use symbols as “witnesses” all the time when we “tune in” a subject to imagine all the possibilities attached to that subject.

For example, most of us use pictures because we’re visual thinkers. Sometimes, we keep samples of perfume or cologne of our loved ones. Some of us use emotionally driven letters. A few of us keep a small vial of tear drops. The best witness is a DNA sample of the person in question, like a lock of hair with some follicles attached.

For lack of DNA samples, we use pictures as symbols. The closer a picture is to full spectrum capture (e.g. sunlit), the better it serves as a witness. Personal belongings like jewelry or clothing only work if there is a deep emotional attachement to it.

Before I provide you with the scenario for a psychic experiment, I want to make sure that:

  1. You’re not on any drugs that detrimentally affect your mental or physical aptitude,
  2. You’re physically fit and you have no chronic ailments.
  3. You are an ethical and moral person with great willpower.
  4. You’re breathing pattern is correct for inducing an emotional response.

Let’s say you’ve filled the first three criteria. The following diagram shows QiGong Breathing Patterns:

Emotional / Physical Breathing Patterns

Most people are “Buddhist Breathers” wherein the abdomen goes outward with each inhale and inward with each exhale. We need to do “Taoist Breathing” for the psychic punch. Taoist Breathing is also known as “reverse breathing” wherein the abdomen goes inward with each exhale and outward with each inhale.

We usually do reverse breathing when we get very physical or emotional (e.g. lifting a heavy weight or sobbing). Reverse breathing aids in controlling bioenergy, bioelectricity or “Qi.” In martial arts, taoist breathing is used during combat or taoist meditation. Professional entertainers and athletes do reverse breathing to enhance their performance. If you recall, we did reverse breathing as fetuses to draw in nutrients and we do it all the time when we sneeze.

During reverse breathing, we use the diaphragm muscles for deep breathing. Remember to breathe out naturally, but as completely as possible. Place your palm just below your naval. You should feel your stomach sink inwards as you inhale for proper reverse breathing.

The Psychic “Punch”

I refer to the method in this exercise as the psychic “punch;” it’s similar to sneezing.

You may have tried to compare the steps so far to HealingMindN Meditation. Yes, it’s related. In fact, I’m asking you to use it for the relaxation part of the psychic punch. Therefore, this method constitutes much more.

The steps here combine “remote influencing from beta” from Gerald O’Donnell’s Remote Influencing Course, Tenaga Dalam1 or “Inner Power,” a form of martial QiGong from Indonesia, and Stewart Swerdlow’s2 psionic tuning methods. And, yes, Derren Brown did something similar in a karate dojo.

The Psychic “Punch” is more like “Fa Jing” or emitting power same as internal style martial arts. Emitting power is like a sneeze in that the entire body coils and “snaps” onto a focal point. The difference with the psychic “punch” is there is no physical strike involved, but there IS hand gesturing.

In addition, we must include a (primal) emotional release with the “punch;” this release is similar to an orgasmic release wherein we build up tension, charge the emotion, discharge the emotion, then relax according to this formula:

Tension -> Charge -> Discharge -> Relax

For the psychic punch, we physically and emotionally tense ourselves, charge by holding the breath and tension, discharge through “Fa Jing,” completely relax, then repeat.

Along with feelings, We also employ colors during the psychic “punch.” Below is a list of colors we use in our exercise:

  1. White – Is for Purification.
  2. Golden Orange – Is for Protection.
  3. Yellow – Is for “Digesting” new ideas and Post-Cognition.
  4. Green – Is for Healing and Clairvoyance.
  5. Blue – Is for Pre-Cognition.

Remote Influencing Experiment

Normally, in a remote influencing experiment like this, I would say to use an emotional freedom technique or “surrogate” EFT wherein you embody the feelings of your subject while you tap meridian points and vocalize the feelings of your subject.

The Psychic Punch communicates directly with the limbic system or “id” and higher gauge symmetry or the “super ego,” therefore, word language is not necessary. Your intense sensory visualization alone taps into both.

The purpose of the experiment is to train you to use a symbol to tap into and change the (primal) feelings of your subject.

The scenario is that you know a person very well. This person should be home at this particular time, but is not. You are at this person’s home, but you do not know where this person is. Your purpose is to make this person come home or, at least, make this person call home.

Instead of taking a short cut by calling this person’s cellphone, please see the following drawing for an example of using your psychic powers and the forthcoming steps:

Drawing back a person through his/her symbol

Before doing any meditation, please do cleansing breathes to exorcise any bad feelings you may have. Then perform the following procedure:

  1. Place your subject’s picture in front of you at arm’s length.
  2. Relax using HealingMindN Meditation with reverse breathing. In accordance, the tip of your tongue gently touches the roof of your mouth. Your eyes are transfixed as if staring into infinity, within your subject.
  3. Imagine a Golden Orange mist surrounding yourself and your subject.
  4. Imagine a bright Yellow rope tied around your waist. The other end is tied firmly around your subject’s waist.
  5. Imagine a bright Green rope tied around your chest. The other end is tied firmly around your subject’s chest.
  6. Take a strong posture as if you are ready to pull on these ropes. Move your palms towards the picture.
  7. Imagine these ropes in both hands. As you begin inhaling, slowly pull them towards your chest and your subject being pulled towards you.
  8. Feel the tension building in your muscles throughout your body as if there is great resistance from your subject against your pull. You can almost hear the person saying, “What’s going on? Why do I feel this force upon me?” You are still inhaling and you can almost smell your subject.
  9. Your entire body is vibrating from tension against your subject’s resistance. The greater the resistance, the brighter the ropes glow. You are holding your breath.
  10. When you feel a drop in resistance, throw out your breath as if sneezing. At the same time, snap your palms downwards as you imagine a Blue flash and your subject is suddenly at home.
  11. Relax then repeat this several times from step 2. The entire process takes around ten minutes depending upon your stamina and attention to detail.

Please post the results of your experiment here. When we have great rapport with others there is also a psychic connection between us. For example, husband and wife can feel great stress within each other even at a distance. Parents can sense great stress within their children at a distance. You are applying this same phenomenon to remote influencing.

Your subject should respond within a half hour of this “psychic punch.” If not, he or she is being unexpectedly detained or you have not applied yourself with enough conviction.

The Problem in Fukushima

The problem with ionizing radiation from a nuclear meltdown is that it’s scattered and chaotic. There’s not much in terms of symbols to personally identify with this out of control, radioactive behemoth except the standard radiation hazard symbol:

Radiation Hazard

And the fact that it’s in Japan:

Fortunately, there IS a personally identifying symbol that lends itself to the situation. Unlike a static picture, this symbol is dynamic; it also indicates the physics at a sub-atomic scale and a reference point of focus.

The symbols of which I speak consist of orbs, ball lightning or vacuum domains of which I spoke in an earlier post and at Collective DNA Consciousness:

UFOs Over Fukushima Japan March 26, 2011

As I mentioned in a previous post, these orbs contain intelligence which provides intuitive insight during social upheaval – usually drawn in the form of a crop circle by orbs (in wheat fields). These orbs are providing us with another type of symbol or key; this key provides a “witness” to the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown.

In fact, they are telling us exactly what needs to be done. As you see at the end of the video, eleven of the orbs fuse together in one place; this represents fusion rather than fission. Fusion is clean energy. Fission is dirty. We want to remote influence the particles into fusion.

As opposed to applying force to a person, radioactive decay is simply interested in the path of least resistance. Our purpose with the Fukushima Nuke is to turn that path of least resistance into particle fusion as demonstrated in the video.

In the same fashion we used the “psychic punch” to pull a subject home, we can use the “psychic punch” to fuse radioactive particles into clay or concrete to render them inert. Here are the steps.

  1. Play the above video at a comfortable size and distance from you. Play it again as necessary.
  2. Relax using HealingMindN Meditation with reverse breathing. In accordance, the tip of your tongue gently touches the roof of your mouth. Your eyes are transfixed as if staring into infinity, within this symbol.
  3. Imagine a Golden Orange mist surrounding yourself and all of your loved ones.
  4. Imagine the orbs between your palms as you hold them a comfortable distance from you.
  5. Begin inhaling as the orbs are in an expanding pattern. Imagine a beam of White light pouring into the top of your head, through your arms and out of your palms. Feel the heat in your palms.
  6. Imagine a cocoon of white light forming around these orbs. At the apex of the expanding pattern, hold your breath and feel the resistance of these orbs between your palms as the tension builds through your arms and chest. Your palms are becoming hot.
  7. As the orbs come together, imagine the cocoon glowing brighter. Your hands vibrate faster and hotter with the energy.
  8. When the orbs finally fuse together, throw out your breath as if sneezing and slap your palms together. Imagine a bright Green flash and the particles are rendered inert.
  9. Relax then repeat this several times from step 1.

Since the problem in Fukushima is a world issue, it would be best to use the Maharishi Effect; this means the square root of one percent of the world population has to collaborate on applying their psychic energies, whether praying or doing the “psychic punch.”

Therefore, we only need 8314 people all over the world (as of this writing) focusing on Fukushima at the same time using their psychic energies to render the danger inert.

Fortunately, the Global Coherence Initiative provides exactly the forum for us to do that. GCI emails everyone to participate simultaneously according to their region of the world.

Thank you for your time and effort in this matter. Please share this method for the “psychic punch” with others.

To give us hope, Gerald O’Donnell has provided us with a special message:

Events are and will evermore be accelerating soon,and it imperative that you prepare for the gigantic shift which is about to occur around 2012 and beyond.

Setting your head in the sand will do nothing but catch you unprepared.

2012 is not the end of time but rather the end of one phase of Creation and the beginning of a new major and beautiful one. I explained this in this interview and on others prior. You need to be mentally ready and fully cognizant of the fact that you cannot possibly escape the gigantic reverberations of a total turn-around of Polar directions in Creation from Fear-based cold intellect competitive Creation to Love-based Heart Sourced one.

That is the meaning of the inversion of Poles we are about to experience. It refers to a Major inversion of facets which have ruled Creations for eons within the One. It is when we invert back to the natural and original Creational system where and when the Facet of Love and Light rules and has control over the Facet of Fear and darkness.

Until now the Facet of Fear and Darkness has always ruled over the facet of Love and Lightness of Being. It is the end of Its time. It is trying to slow down its invariable demise and battle forcefully as it goes down.

So please let go of old fear-based systems and stories for they will not help you make the transition and might cause much pain and suffering on the way if you keep energizing them.

Nothing, absolutely nothing in existence, can stop the movement engaged, but we can chose the path we will travel as a family. It can be smooth and easy, or harsh, cold, and seemingly cruel. We make that choice, all and every single one of us.

We have the power individually out of free-will to choose between Fear or Love. No one else can nor should do it. However no individual or group, no matter how seemingly powerful or recalcitrant, has the power or slightest chance to stop or slow the Gigantic Cosmic process engaged of the Return to Unity and Oneness within One.

Kindly share this interview and all of our messages with as many individuals as you possibly can so that our individual and global Probable Future takes on the path of the best probable future available to all of us within a gamut of possibilities.

Kindly send the link to this interview fast and furious all around.

This is a period of the year which commemorates the hopes of humanity in times past of repelling fear and enslavement and start a new and beautiful era of unity of humanity, bringing permanent inner and outer peace across all and the ALL.

What was hoped for once is now, again. We are given another chance.

Please help keep the flame of hope alive and make that dream your Dream HERE and NOW to be experienced soon.

You friend on this journey,

Gerald O’Donnell
Founder: Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Reality and Thought across time and space.

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We are special variations of nature become conscious of itself. If the universe is really a hologram as set forth by Michael Talbot, then we are each a universe unto ourselves. Like pieces of a hologram, we each represent the whole, but we’re special: We are part of the universe become conscious of itself and the powers within us.

Healing Thoughts,

1The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace; Stewart Swerdlow; 1999.

2Tridaya Inner Power; Master Lukman; 2001.

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