Cognitive Resonance vs. Cognitive Dissonance in Training Psychic Powers

As you discovered from my post, Remote Viewing Morality and ARV, Session 7 Review,” the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Course from Probable Future is weak in it’s mere fifteen minute instruction on Associational Remote Viewing. My intention is to repair this situation as a value added seller through my years of gathering materials on paranormal human achievement.

First, let me give you the big picture of what the course is: The foundation of the ARVARI Course is guided meditation with brainwave entrainment. The intention is to get listeners into cognitive resonance with the world around them including all types of energies – from Sun Energy to Earth Energy and every living energy in between.

The catch-22 is that people in cognitive dissonance have very little if any sympathy and empathy for the world around them – including underlying, subtle energies. They are highly skeptical of the existence of “psychic powers” and the “soul.” Although they are in the most need of a course based in cognitive resonance, they wouldn’t be interested in it. Why would they want to learn how to “resonate” with others when they feel life on this planet is just one big accident with no real purpose, therefore, we are nothing more than “slabs of meat” with neurochemical reactions as “personalities?”

People in cognitive dissonance are part of a “herd” personality on this planet known as the “veil of darkness” – from the dark ages.

On the other hand, People in cognitive resonance have sympathy and empathy for the world around them; they are not necessarily “new age,” “born again,” or overtly spiritual. They are mostly people who prefer to keep to themselves, but talk about crazy things sometimes – like what you see at this blog. Some of these people choose to reveal themselves. Of all the people who publish materials and lecture on psychic powers, around 20% are actual psychics. Does that mean around 80% only want to cash in on the new age psychic crazies? Yes.

This doesn’t mean 80% of the books, audios, and videos on training the sixth sense are junk; what they’re doing is simply regurgitating material from that 20%. Let’s face it; people copy from each other. And the most helpful material (20%) gets copied.

To give us an example of that 20%, please have a look at this video from Lyn Buchanan:

Intro to Associative Remote Viewing Method by Lyn Buchanan

“Can I win the lottery?”

We will cover these tips from Lyn Buchanan in a moment. Right now, I want to answer a few questions:

  • Is the ARVARI Course in that top 20%?
  • If the ARVARI Course is in that top 20%, then how helpful is it in real world applications?

The ARVARI Course Treatment of Qi Flow

As a person with some interest in psychic human achievement for decades, I’ve had a chance to compare. I’m trying to be objective when I say that the ARVARI Course is 80% helpful. 20% is lacking (i.e. training of the body). Although qigong exercises are included, Gerald only goes as deep as “skin breathing” without the deeper foundation of Qi Flow throughout the body.

In my knowledge and experience of qigong, the energy meridians must be stimulated physically as well as mentally. Gerald O’Donnell applies methods of internal qigong or NeiGong, but he only tells his audience to sit or lie down. For this reason, at least 20% of his audience goes to sleep during the guided meditation because their meridians have not been properly stimulated.

Yes, Gerald teaches us how to jump from one altered state of consciousness to another, but when we involuntarily drift away, that’s it: The mental discipline goes out the window. Therefore, we need to “stimulate our minds,” first.

In the Scientific Remote Viewing Course from the Farsight Institute, we are instructed to stimulate the meridians through massage. In Trancendental and Kabbalistic Meditation, we also stimulate the meridians through massage, albeit, in different ways. When we stimulate our energy meridians in certain ways, this prompts us to focus rather than lose consciousness.

As you might know, from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridians are extensions of the organs, which are extentions of the brain, which are extensions of the mind. By stimulating our meridians, we are indirectly stimulating our minds; this is the foundation of emotional freedom techniques discussed in other areas of this site (HealingMindN).

The ARVARI Course borrows material from NeiGong, Kabbalah, and Trancendental Meditations, but includes no physical stimulation of the meridians the way it should. Since this stimulation should encompass at most 20% of training, I can say the ARVARI Course is at least 80% helpful.

The Point of Training Our Innate Gifts

One more important training facet is missing from the ARVARI Course: Training to remote view exact information like lottery numbers or the stock market. As I said, Gerald only takes 15 minutes to cover the subject rather than train his audience, who constitute individual mind patterns.

As I said, the ARVARI Course has a greater interest in laying a groundwork for cognitive resonance with the world around us. We can use this foundation to branch into other forms of psychic training.

For example, Lyn Buchanan gave us an interesting example on how to apply Associative Remote Viewing. The way Lyn explains the concept of matching numbers with taste may seem obscure; it’s almost as if he’s suggesting to time travel backwards to 10am to predict the mint taste at 9pm just so we can predict a winning lottery number with the correlating mint flavor at 7pm. Obviously, he’s not suggesting time travel or else why not just go back with the winning number?

Although it sounded like an explanation of the blue lines in hockey, I believe what Lyn Buchanan is suggesting is a form of dowsing like “nostril breathing” discussed at Intro to Chi Kung and Ha-Tha Yoga Breathing Exercises, but it’s more intricate. In his example, we correlate flavors with numbers, then predict, at certain times in the future, which flavor we are tasting.

If we were musicians, we could correlate certain chords with numbers. Then we could predict which chord we hear at a certain time in the future.

Since most of us are visually oriented, we could use colors, for example, and correlate them to numbers. Then we could predict which color we see at a certain time in the future.

As Lyn says, we should go with our strengths; this means we utilize the kind of information which our senses most easily absorb. Only people with cognitive resonance can tune into subtle energies with their senses to project a correct prediction. Without that cognitive resonance, we’re just guessing.

People who suffer from cognitive dissonance are only capable of guessing. As Lyn Buchanan says, remote viewing takes plenty of practice. People in cognitive dissonance are not willing to practice something that whole heartedly goes against their belief systems. Therefore, only people with cognitive resonance dare to work hard at such an obscure activity.

What’s the point of training people who already have cognitive resonance? The intention is discipline; it’s like training anyone according to their innate gifts: We want to discipline their strengths and sharpen their skills. When a person is born with psychic gifts, we want to sharpen them – like a blade.

The ARVARI Orientation

The ARVARI Courses are a feast for our imaginations and our ears. Gerald asks us to use our “wonderful imaginations” to go deep within ourselves and see the “movie screens” within our minds.

I would have to say the instructions are more visually oriented, but we are also instructed to use our other senses when we project our minds to other places. For this reason, Gerald asks us to keep an audio recorder next to us to record our experiences during the guided meditation.

For example, we project our minds into a strange place, use all of our senses to record our findings, then seek out that strange place later to verify our findings. Gerald has us doing this at different points of reference, from microscopic to macroscopic. Obviously, without special equipment, we can only verify findings at our waking level of cognizance.

This is the Motis Operandi of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course: We “feel” our way into strange places, then attempt to verify our findings by visiting that place. WE do this for people and inanimate objects too. All of this takes practice.

As far as the ARVARI Remote Influencing Course, it’s an extension of the Remote Viewing Course. Gerald has said that we can remote influence that which we remote view.

The Remote Viewing Course lays the groundwork for the Remote Influencing Course. Overall, I would say the entire works are geared towards remote influencing – with good intentions.

Gerald is all about keeping us “in the light,” therefore, all of his exercises are geared towards positive thoughts and goodness (per law of attraction). He knows that there are already too many dark thoughts in this world, mainly from people in cognitive dissonance, which influences our reality.

This is true. Too many people are in poor health because of misinformation and dark thoughts. The economy is in poor health because of misinformation, mismanagement, and more dark thoughts. Real technological developments that would push humanity and the economy forward suffer in the dark because of dark, skeptical thoughts. Our spiritual, moral, and ethical values are in decline because of dark thoughts.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to replace the dark thoughts in the world around you with positive thoughts and goodness. The best way to do this is through remote influencing, the type of remote influencing offered through the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.

HealingMindN Bonus

Available until 7 July 2011:

There are those of you who feel the ARVARI Courses are incomplete one way or another. I have to agree with you. Without my prior experience and training, I wouldn’t have made much use of the ARVARI Course. I probably would have listened to it for a bit, failed to identify with it, got bored, then stuck it on a shelf to gather dust some where.

Fortunately, I have the benefit of my previous knowledge and experience. I know the big picture of what Gerald wants us to accomplish, but his teachings need the benefit of other perspectives and training devices in human achievement.

For this reason, I have gathered nearly 700 megabytes of audio courses and ebooks and put them on a CD just for you. The ESP audio courses are from the Farsight Institute and (Jose) Silva UltraMind. The audio seminars and ebooks are from recognized experts like Lyn Buchanan, Paul Smith, Ed Dames and more.

Bonus CD of Esoteric Material

I’m not sure how much that 700 megabytes of info is worth because I’ve never seen a package like this myself. If it’s $1 per megabyte, I guess it’s worth $700, but you know how some people over price things.

The point is, by the time you go through all that information and sharpen your skills, you will be where I am. You will never be at a loss because you will find that all the information fits together like a big game of tetris.

This CD of bonus material is only available until 7 July 2011. That’s the same day the 50% discount on the ARVARI Courses ends.

Did I forget to tell you about that 50% discount? Now, you know. Please act now because we really should be further ahead than we are – and humanity needs all the help it can get.

When Probable Future sends me your email, I will contact you for your mailing address, so I can send you your personalized bonus CD.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

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  1. Hi Randolf,

    I completely agree with your observations even though I do not have as much experience on esoteric practices as you do. I have to say that the ARVARI CDs are indeed very powerful and effective. However the main drawback according to me was the lack of structure or grounding in the material. I also found the SIlva method to be a good starting point.
    As you have pointed out, some reading material on the background of the exercises that Gerald has us do on the CDs would have been of great help.
    It would have been perfect if Gerald had supplemented his CDs with some weekly reading material along with physical exercises to help ground the practitioners.
    Your reviews on the ARVARI Cds have been very useful and I would like to thank you for your regular posting even though you did not get many comments. It is hard to find an objective and sincere review of most of these kind of materials (especially ARVARI).

    I do have one question though. I bought the ARVARI CDs from a seller on Amazon and was wondering how I could get my hands on this bonus CD that you have produced.

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