Unexplainable Weight Loss towards Your Balance and Health

With obesity at an all time high, especially in the United States, we must take all issues into consideration. We have to step back and look at the big picture.

The following guest article by Jim McElwee provides us with easy, less traveled alternatives to the usual diet pills and liposuction, but he does not mention everything that has contributed to modern day, chronic ailments of obesity. Jim doesn’t mention what’s wrong with eating junk food, fast food, processed diets.

Quite frankly, I wish he had made reference to holistic doctors like Joseph Mercola who cite research on the effect of garbage foods and their preservatives / flavor enhancers on the human body; they not only affect the body – they also affect brain chemistry, which affects the mind.

Modern civilization has an obesity problem because the mind set is geared towards obesity – that’s where the money is for the big food industry – which is focused upon pushing junk food, fast food, and processed foods onto unwitting consumers who keep craving more.

Without a “civilized” society focused upon instant gratification, there would be no one pouring money into foods laden with neurotoxins like aspartame and MSG that creates even more hunger in their consumers.

Brainwave entrainment can help obese people with type 2 diabetes who are uneducated about good fats versus bad. When they educate themselves on what’s healthy and what’s not, they’re on the road to recovery. Fortunately, brainwave entrainment can open a person’s mind to a healthy attitude, but the motivation needs to be consistent.

For this reason, Jim McElwee advocates a healthy lifestyle – which is further induced through brainwave entrainment – like a feedback loop. Healthy adjustments in diet and lifestyle create a healthy, balanced mind pattern; this is what I want from you and I believe this is what you want.

All the healthy adjustments, no matter how small, add up to consistent motivation towards your balance and health. Please enjoy the following guest article by Jim McElwee on how you can accomplish your weight loss goals through brainwave entrainment:

How Balanced Mind = Balanced Weight = Balanced Health

Today, I’d like to talk about something of particular importance to so many people. In this world where image is everything to so many people, weight management is an issue that several people find themselves struggling with. Some people seem to breeze through their lives without struggling with weight loss (or weight gain) issues. Still others seem to struggle, counting every calorie and making the prospect of living day to day all the more stressful and making their very health a matter of concern both for them and for their friends and family.

So what’s the answer? Perhaps a more pressing question would be, what’s the source of the problem? As with many people, it may actually be your mind itself. If the mind is in a state of constant desire and hunger then it will manifest this in ways. And weight loss in itself isn’t as simple as many weight loss products claim. You’ve probably seen the iconic margin ads all over the internet with their “One tip” that will take care of everything for you.

In reality, the problem can range anywhere from the subconscious to conscious minds. And there are biological components as well. And you can take on this overwhelming threat to your health, safety, and your freedom by taking back the control yourself. By controlling your very mind, you can actually enhance your lifestyle to the one you’ve always wanted and deserved.

You’ll be amazed how quickly you will feel different. Our entrainment therapy can be found at Unexplainable Weight Loss. Be sure to check it out and change your life today!

So how do you do it? Is it a simple process or a complex one rife with all the difficulties of the other weight loss tactics you’ve used? The best part of entrainment therapies is not just the motivation it gives you to start doing things again. It’s not just the confidence boost you’ll get when the cravings for food lower to a manageable level. And it’s not just the pride knowing you’ve finally taken control of your life. The best part is watching your body become the one you’ve always worked toward and knowing you did it all on your own terms.

But how will our entrainment therapy work with you? Now that we’ve examined the therapy itself, you might want to take a look at the way your body undergoes the weight loss process. Next installment I’d like to take a look at the real way your body achieves weight loss. No tricks, no fads, only the verified facts on weight loss and how our entrainment therapy transforms your brainwave patterns to make it easy.

Of course until then once you’ve taken the first step on our journey toward entrainment expertise, it might be a good idea to start watching yourself both before and after. During what occasions do you suffer most from a sedentary mindset? Are you the type that absolutely cannot live with the prospect of a more active lifestyle? What will you change first when you feel both more energy and more motivation through entrainment therapy?

These questions along with a simple understanding of good diet are key to living both a more healthy lifestyle and losing any excess body fat you may wish to. And of course a key to letting your mind drift naturally back to a healthier state is through our entrainment therapy. You can find it at Unexplainable Weight Loss

I’d like to take a look at the positive changes you will find easier to make once you pick up our entrainment therapy. You may be surprised how healthy you feel once you begin our program. But our knowledge will also equip you for the right decisions and not just the easy or trendy ones. By improving your own health you can actually cause a positive change in others around you as well. Be sure to keep them in your hearts as you decide to make a change for the better.

How to Exercise without “Pain”

I’d like to take the next step forward in our weight loss entrainment therapy program by taking a look at the tips and tools you can use to supplement our entrainment therapy and how you can use the energy boost we provide to maximize its effects.

First, take a moment to commit yourself to your goal. By having an attainable goal you immediately take one of the first steps most dieters never take. Know your body and how quickly or slowly it can change. It doesn’t have to be fast, if it’s a permanent change for the better. Ten years from now when you look back on the moment when you finally decided it was time, you’ll want to know you were fully committed to weight loss and attained it using your own mind.

The first step as always is safety. The tragedy of so many weight loss programs is that they don’t properly inform dieters of the facts around weight gain and loss. If you have any health conditions, it’s important to have a discussion with your doctor about weight loss and its positive effects on the human body.

And by arming yourself with knowledge of how it can affect you, you’ll be better prepared for when the pounds start melting away. And our entrainment therapy works in a very specific and important way, changing how your brain associates with your body and boosting its energy reserves while motivating you to achieve your goal. The only thing you have to lose is the exact thing you’re trying to lose, so check it out at Unexplainable Weight Loss

After that, forget everything advertisers have told you about pills, electrical stimulation, and weight loss. Everything you do or don’t do will have an effect on how close you are to your goal. And if your goal is to live a long, happy, and healthy life and lose a few pounds doing it, live your life like a journey toward that goal.

It can be as simple as cutting out high (carbohydrate) snacks (and cutting out the junk food ingredients), or as invigorating and satisfying as climbing a mountain on a ten mile hike. It’s up to you. Of course not all of us have to be quite so ambitious. But if you want to be, it’s only up to one person – you. Keep in mind you can start small even if your ultimate goal seems distant now.

And a goal oriented program with weight loss is just like any other. Small steps don’t have to look significant to be heading in the right direction. And as long as you keep up your journey you will eventually reach your goal. With the help of our entrainment therapy you’ll be less likely to get discouraged with the increase in motivation and energy. You can always find it at Unexplainable Weight Loss

But there’s another side of weight loss that is all too often not considered. Advertisements and media images have taught us for a long time that weight loss has to be a struggle. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Body builders have often stated that their fitness program is fun once they know what they’re doing. And weight loss is no different. If you aren’t having fun with the exercise you’re doing, do an exercise you do think is fun.

Treadmills can be boring, so take up long distance shopping. Pushups are hardly a recreational activity. Instead, try canoeing. There are thousands of things you can do with your spare time in the name of health. And if you don’t think of it as work, but rather part of a new lifestyle you’ll be well on your way to that next step.

I hope you found this lesson on weight management helpful. Next, we’re going to take a look at a few of the activities that you’ll find fun on your journey. The biggest mistake in weight loss so many experts think is a secret is treating it like it’s a chore.

By having fun with a more active lifestyle you not only give yourself an opportunity to play during your leisure time, but also get your body into more active habits. It’s so easy to lose track of fun when you’re goal oriented. Next newsletter we’ll try to close that gap to make weight loss a cinch.

How to make Weight Loss Fun!

I’d like to conclude our weight loss training program by providing you with the tools necessary to make working out something you look forward to. It’s actually fairly easy. In addition to the primary energy and motivation boost you need from your own subconscious to get started, you’ll want to follow these easy tips to start burning calories in a way that you won’t think of as work. If you haven’t already started your new life with our entrainment program, your in luck because today were having a special sale on the Ultimate Weight Loss Package Isochronics!

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Weight loss is a battle, right? Not necessarily. We live in a culture where we are constantly fighting our bodies, submitting ourselves to the strain and boredom of treadmills, leg lifts, and other military designed exercises to get us in shape. But it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the most common misconceptions about weight loss is that the term “workout” has to involve what we would consider work. You go into the gym surrounded by others and walk into what is essentially a cubicle and stare at a television screen for close to an hour while you try to forget where you are.

But humans have been working out for hundreds of years and staying fit – why is it suddenly the only opportunities for health have to come from overpacked expensive gyms smelling like sweat and socks? You deserve better. As a member of the unexplainable community, we’re here to tell you there are better ways that don’t involve so much monotony and boredom.

If you’ve experienced our entrainment therapy, you’ll know what it feels like to have that supercharged burst of energy coursing through your veins. But you might still not be sure of just what to do with it.

You’ve seen commercials of people with home gyms pumping iron and smiling while doing it. Of course these are advertisements. In reality, spending an hour or two on a home workout system will not likely be earning you any smiles when you’re starting. You need something to look forward to, something that makes this work feel like fun.

So how do you make your routine less routine and more fun? Think about the times when you were active. You may not remember them at first, but think into your past. Unearth childhood memories of playing hopscotch, jumping rope, climbing trees, playing tag, and other games. It doesn’t have to be a sport. You might not enjoy throwing things or competing directly with your friends, but you still want that ongoing game.

You still want something that will engage your mind. And speaking of engaging your mind, our entrainment therapy directly alters your consciousness to make this easier. You can always find it at Unexplainable Weight Loss

Did you play hopscotch as a kid? Try dancing! Were you a whiz at jumping rope? Try the dancing games at your local arcade. Were you constantly pulling yourself toward the sky as a kid on trees? Wall climbs at a nearby recreational center won’t let you down (until you reach the top). Tag could easily be laser tag. Even bowling or long distance shopping helps.

And these are all things you’ll enjoy more if you’re with friends. And every calorie burned having fun is twice as valuable as a calorie burned on the treadmill. Why? Because it reinforces not only that sense of victory, but a renewed sense of vitality and youth that will keep you moving and make sure you don’t quit until you reach your goal. It’s the perceived struggle that so often results in abandoning your active vacation time.

I hope you found this newsletter on making exercise more fun for you helpful. Keep in mind that everything in your world starts within you. Think strong, think active, and have fun.

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Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee

Thank you for taking your time with this article by Jim McElwee which is focused on healing the mind through advanced neuroscience technology – and baby steps. Even the National Institutes of Health Acknowledge that 85% of chronic ailments are rooted in emotional problems. To get back on the road to health – and that teeny weeny bikini on our favorite summer beach, we should begin with a healthy, balanced emotional mind set.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo


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