How to Respond Intelligently to Disasters Every Day

As of late, there’s been all kinds of talk of impending doom and catastrophe – not only solar cycle 24 effects, December 21, 2012, Galactic Superwaves, but disasters that are constantly happening.

Every day, we must deal with the effects of effects of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the nuclear fallout from Fukushima and other garbage that’s NOT being reported by mainstream news.

What’s important is that we don’t run around like a chickens from the butcher like the people in New York during an earthquake about to face impending doom from Hurricane Irene. Here are six ways to survive Hurricane Irene.

Preparedness is most important in the face of impending disaster. Unfortunately, unintelligent people are not interested in preparedness – unless the threat is apparent; they’re not interested in protecting themselves from all the garbage in their lives RIGHT NOW.

Why should they be interested in protecting themselves or their loved ones from impending doom? Because it’s the smart thing to do or the right thing to do? Or is it because the threat is so obvious?

Why isn’t the threat from every day dangers just as obvious to most people? Let’s increase our intelligence to discover why.

In terms of intelligence quotient, I decided that Jim McElwee needed some help. I mean in terms of discussing it in the following guest article. I like to elaborate a little more, so it sticks in your mind.

In the Milton Erickson tradition, I like to engage the imagination wherein our true intelligence works – as long as the imagination is kept in check by our wisdom and understanding of reality. As a result, you see my comments in italics and blockquotes like this.

In this world, mental intelligence is highly regarded. There’s also emotional intelligence, the passion and burning desire that drives our discipline and “vision” for gaining further mental intelligence; they are both flames which fan each other.

Truly intelligent people have a careful balance between the two. In reality, we should all be “Savants,” people of extreme mental and emotional intelligence.

Unfortunately, there are toxins and backwards education in this world which are holding back the human race. At the moment, we’re slaves of multi-national food, pharma, oil cartels, and banking industries; it’s in THEIR best interest to hold back the human race for the sake of greed.

It’s in YOUR best interest – and mine – that your I.Q. and the I.Q. of your loved ones takes a step forward – to break the chains of emotional “securities” and sub-human frailties.

Right Now, unintelligent people are emotionally secure with the way the world is going; they tend to be violent when we go against their grain or their “status quo” of debt-filled impulse buying and instant gratification penchants for junk food, drugs, sex slaves, and techno-toys.

In fact, unintelligent people have deeply engrained fears of authority. They fear resisting “socially acceptable” drug use will make them social outcasts and cause trouble for them. They are like the Jews during the holocaust; they don’t want to “rock the boat,” so they submit themselves – and their children – to all the filthy vaccines, drugs, chemotherapy, x-ray scans, fluoride water and all the other human experiments that decadent authoritarian leaders impose upon them.

What the hell. Here’s a video on personal disasters to help us understand:

Suffocated, dominated, and dumbed down, they’ll just sit back and watch their young ones suffer needlessly, for fear of “rocking the boat” – like Jews during the holocaust – under the whip of Pharoah – while they bow down to their “masters.”It’s time to break the chains. It’s time to go forward and rejoin the human race:

Discerning I.Q. from Knowledge

Today, I’d like to talk about something we all hold in high esteem. Our intelligence is something that follows us throughout our lives. But contrary to popular belief, this score is not always constant. In fact, researchers have said for years that events throughout our lives can cause this number to fluctuate profoundly making us either more or less intelligent and resulting in different IQ scores.

But the IQ isn’t just a number. It’s a comprehensive understanding of your ability to recognize patterns, solve problems, and exhibit a level of natural innate intelligence. And it’s also one of the many aspect of our lives we’re led to believe we have no control over when -in fact- we do.

If you want to be smart, you’ve made a wise decision. Intelligence is listed as one of the most important traits prospective romantic partners look for in a significant other. It’s also one of the things employers take very seriously. If you’re smarter, you have a better chance at achieving success in both fields. And it’s something your friends will notice as well. Our entrainment therapy is designed to do that. Unlock your full cognitive potential today.

So there’s little saying IQ is not important, but how do we change it? Intelligence is linked directly to brain activity. Just as we can slip into a state of mind that promotes very little cognitive response, we can guide our minds to work reactively to our environment and think critically of everything that comes our way.

Doing so makes us more prone to resist the constant barrage of information we’re being pummeled with at every moment of the day and allows us the power to seek out a better way of living. (I believe Jim means we filter out the trivial information to absorb more important information which affects our health and well being – when we’re smarter.) To put it simply, we owe it to ourselves and those around us to be smarter.

In this guide I’d like to take a look at how we can improve our own intelligence and how we can use both our brainwaves and our environment to make us smarter. There are different types of intelligence covering a variety of subjects including emotional intelligence. But there’s no need to end there. We have everything we need to build a brilliant mind, it’s just a matter of making those connections happen efficiently so information can pass through them quickly and be retained.

In the next section, We start with mental exercises designed to improve our ability to critically handle situations that may arise with the power of your mind, and some important tips on training our brains to think in bursts of energy for those temporary but tough problems.

Part of intelligence building is getting the different hemispheres of your brain to cooperate to minimize distractions, subconscious biases, and get the analytical mind to think about the world in facts and figures when it needs to. By improving your intelligence there is no limit to what you can achieve in the world. Get started right away and be ready for the next section where we show you how to turn your brain into an intellectual powerhouse.

Intense Sensory Visualization Exercises

Let’s outline a few of the IQ exercises that have helped others in achieving their optimal mental status. Keep in mind as you go through this that the mind’s abilities change drastically from moment to moment and from day to day. What you may be able to do one day may be entirely beyond you the next. The good side of that is if you were unable to achieve something while you weren’t in a state of optimal intelligence, you should have no problem when you are. Let’s start with the easiest and move our way up.

Keep your gut bacteria balanced. Unhealthy intestinal flora has negative effects on brain chemistry according to recent studies. See If You Can’t Beat Depression, This Could be Why and Stress affects the balance of bacteria in the gut and immune response.

The first exercise is as simple as paying attention to the room around you and training your mind to constantly be asking questions. Where is the light coming from in this room judging from the shadows? When you meet someone new, simply look at them and try to figure out as much as you can just by observing them. Notice sounds and smells in your environment and ask yourself what each one means in relation to you. If this is difficult, remember to tune your mind to be able to process the extra information.

In essence, try to regain your curiousity about the world – like when you were a child. When we get older, we tend to live by rote and notice the big picture less. Some people forget the moon exists – until they look up at night. Most people don’t even care where humanity is in the Universe.

Losing sight of the big picture – and those small yet significant “pieces” of our lives – is how people get wrapped up in themselves and their own opinions like walking, talking soap operas. Instead, be like Sherlock Holmes. Notice everything. Avoid nothing.

Next is a little more complex. Rather than simply observing, start changing things in your mind. The great inventor Nikola Tesla was a master at visualizing things in his mind, turning them around, and changing them so he could make improvements mentally.

Visualizing your environment and specific objects in it is an excellent exercise for someone who needs to work out their mind. And if you want to take this process to its more practical form, try to understand the mechanics behind any given simple machine you come across.

Imagine the force being exerted on each part and where that force is coming from to get a working model of how different devices, no matter how simple, work. After this move on to more complex machines. By the end of it, your mechanical understanding of things should improve greatly.

Visualization exercises in martial arts have us imagining how a match might go with an opponent – move for move, counter for counter. We also step “outside” of our bodies.

Using our intense sensory visualization, our imaginations, we allow the “camera” of our minds to scan the environment including our opponent from different angles. We allow the “camera” of our minds to rotate around the entire scene. In doing so, we fast forward different scenarios in our minds while discovering strengths and weaknesses.

The same can be done for any object – like a box. We can pick it up and rotate it in our minds, examine each facet from different reference points. We can place the “camera” of our minds inside the box too as we rotate it. Practice doing this with different objects, then study it physically to see how correct you were.

These types of visualization exercises are provided in the ARVARI remote viewing guided meditation course wherein we also use the “camera” of our minds beyond space time barriers.

The final exercise here is perhaps one of the most tricky for some, but completely natural for others. Remember your dreams. Don’t just remember the basics of what happened. Remember as much as you can every morning, and allow yourself to think about the dream while you’re awake.

Dreams are a very powerful conduit for the subconscious mind to enter into the conscious. And by opening up this conduit while you’re awake, you can increase the communication between these different areas of the brain. Those who do not remember their dreams usually will benefit most from this exercise, but even those who remember their dreams generally can ‘unlock’ them to gain the most benefit from them.

As your intelligence increases, you’ll notice your dreams will episodically come back to you more and more. After a while you will be able to solve problems and recall information very easily. And more than that you’ll be able to increase your capacity for learning as well.

I could be wrong, but I believe NLP expert, Colin Smith provides an exercise wherein we ask ourselves a significant life question before we go to sleep. For example, we might ask ourselves, “which career should I pursue? which dream should I follow?” Right before going to sleep.

Albeit, the subconscious presentation of the answer can be very strange, asking significant life questions before going to sleep helps us remember our dreams. During our waking hours, we see further symbols and learn things that help us understand our dreams. Getting good exercise and plenty of rest is key to having more vivid dreams.

Of course one of the most important steps as always is a drive to become more in control and improve your own life. You can find the tools to do that with our entrainment therapy.


Of course one of the most important steps as always is a drive to become more in control and improve your own life. You can find the tools to do that with our entrainment therapy.

“Putting it All Together”

I’d like to take the next step in our IQ Increase program by examining some of the circumstances where our minds may be more prone to shut down and operate on autopilot. It’s something we all run into occasionally and there are ways to keep it from taking over our lives and robbing us of brilliant ideas. Some environments are more conducive to free thought than others and sometimes people may find themselves constantly in an environment, or under circumstances that suppress and smother their natural intelligence.

Jim could be referring to any environment that suppresses natural intelligence. I assume this includes mindless entertainment. There’s also public schools where vaccines and learning by rote are mandatory. I guess anywhere we find mindless, careless people, we have a sub-intelligent environment.

It goes without saying, human beings are naturally intelligent creatures. But this intelligence is often either ignored or simply suppressed when certain factors take control. One of the biggest is self perception. Tests suggest that people who are told they are not intelligent score lower on IQ tests than those who are told they are of higher than average intelligence.

The very fact that you’re reading this now suggests you are interested in improving your intelligence and shows a sense of curiosity. This in turn suggests you have a desire and capacity for learning. It’s only natural that those who are interested in their own cognitive development have a higher intelligence. That’s already a good start.

But how could we improve it even more? Our entrainment program has been carefully crafted to give you that extra boost you need and remove the boundaries placed on your current intelligence and improve it vastly.

Once you’ve set out on a journey to improve your mind, you’ll start noticing something incredible – improved intellectual curiosity. There are always strong social forces at work to stifle curiosity, but some of the greatest scientists – though they may not always agree on everything, generally agree that one of the greatest tools ever given to the human race is this largely untapped form of curiosity.

The more intelligent you become, the more you will thirst for knowledge. With each new piece of information your mind will be swimming with brilliant possibilities and plans. And with this increase in brain activity your IQ will soar like a rocket. Get started today with our powerful IQ Increasing program

Another important tool we all have within us is the ability to process and categorize information. IQ isn’t simply about knowing facts. A major part of it is your capacity and inner desire to learn as well. Solving puzzles, having intellectual debates, and enjoying brilliant ideas will come naturally to someone who finds these activities enjoyable.

One great example of innovative minds solving energy technology problems is at PES Network.

And if you have ever felt the rush of a clever idea, you’re already aware of just how satisfying that can be. Put simply, our entrainment therapy not only improves your abilities, but also your desire to conduct yourself as an intelligent being. What level of intelligence you wish to aspire for is up to you.

Keep in mind your intelligence does change from moment to moment and from day to day. And over time, the more you use your mind the more you’ll find yourself mastering ever increasingly complex problems. The more ideas you have, the more you will get. And the more intelligent you become, the more others will notice it. The single greatest trick to improving your IQ is to have fun with it.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee

By studying how the brain absorbs information, and the proper frequencies to make it operate at maximum efficiency, we have found a way to improve this process so you can absorb, store, and categorize information. We start off in the Beta range to focus our brain’s learning process and then stimulate connections between neurons to improve our IQ permanently. By focusing on our intelligence, it feels perfectly natural and requires little effort on our part: IQ Isochronic

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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..But the cause of this mental weakness is not difficult to discern. The pioneers who settle our country were many-sided men. We are not. They were once hunters, trappers, explorers, fighters, teamsters, ship or canoe builders, horsemen, wheelwrights, carpenters, cabinetmakers, well drillers, masons, farmers, blacksmiths, traders, cooks. All these, and more, “specialized” trades and abilities combined in single individuals. No wonder they were possessed of “mental equilibrium, nervous stability”, and the other attributes mention by Dr. Carrel! They were well balanced because their talents were well rounded. They had nervous stability because they had serene self-confidence based on a knowledge of their ability to cope with any problem that might arise in their world. They had sound judgment, for the most part, because their minds were expanded, embraced many branches of lore and learning, were capable of thinking on many varied planes…

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