World Peace Day, September 21st 2011 Video

We invite you to experience this short video in honor of Peace Day. It was created by the Institute of HeartMath.To view, click on video screen below. (2:12 minutes) View Peace Day Quotes. Click to download The State of Ease Booklet. International Peace Day is on September 21st. Please forward this message on to anyone you think […]

How to take this Relaxing Labor Day With You

Jim McElwee at The Unexplainable Store provides us with an amazing digital drug  that all of us can download. This brainwave entrainment is called Eternal Peace. It is 20 minutes long and a nice ride that takes you from Beta, through Alpha, Through Theta, Dips into Delta, then progresses back up to Beta. Imagine being […]

A Cult Leader’s Perspective on Natural Disasters

A message from Gerald O’Donnell of Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Many unusual events have occurred in this world in the last 3 weeks, shaking the ground level of entrenched control-and-command hubs of human power, rattling their very core, both physically and financially, and putting out stormy clouds and floods upon their horizons. […]