GCI Response to 2012 Deathly Predictions from Mayan Calendar

With all the predictions and theories of destruction flying around due to the Mayan Calendar, it’s important to get alternate, reasonable points of view. The following research from Dr. Annette Deyhle reassures us that no natural disasters will befall humanity on December 21st, 2012 outside of what has already happened.

Please understand what he tells us with an open heart. An open heart is all that anyone ever asks of us wherein understanding and compassion are most important. We will discuss the introductory coherence technique by Doc Childre after wards:

Thank you for your participation in the Global Coherence Initiative and helping to increase coherence, peace and harmony on our planet.

We have just entered the long awaited year 2012. While there are many prophecies from different cultures about 2012, the one that has received the most attention is the end date of the Mayan calendar on December  21st, 2012. Most professional Mayan researchers (Webster, 2007, MacDonald, 2007) see this date as the culmination of a long cycle and the beginning of a new one. They agree that any predication of an apocalypse is a misinterpretation of Mayan history and culture.

Other cultural prophecies look at 2012 as a transition year that marks the start of a time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a spiritual transformation. Some call it the beginning of a new era of global oneness, where humanity begins to outgrow war as a means of resolving conflict.

Whatever 2012 will bring remains to be seen. NASA scientists state that December  21, 2012 will just be another winter solstice. From the surface of the Earth, the Sun and the Milky Way appear, to come into alignment at every winter solstice.

The scientific fact is, that we are still in Solar Cycle 24, which is expected to peak in 2013. The year 2011 ended with “natural fireworks” from the sun, when sunspot 1389 unleashed mid-size (M2) class solar flares. The solar activity slowed down at the beginning of 2012, but then picked up on January 23rd, when a medium sized M9 class flare, on the threshold of being an X-flare, erupted from sunspot 1042 and caused a geomagnetic storm on Earth on January 24th. Then on January 27th, an X2 class flare unleashed, with the blast site not facing the Earth.

Images can be seen on the Spaceweather site:

X-class flare
Image of X-Class Flare, Jan. 27th 2012, from
As we have discussed before in these commentaries, increased solar activity can have effects on human health and behavior, leading to increased violence, homicide, suicide, heart attacks, strokes, depression, fatigue and irritability. This all has been documented in scientific literature (for more details: www.glcoherence.org/monitoring-system/commentaries.html). Not only was there research showing that individuals are affected, but also that solar activity seems to drive an increase in social unrest, revolutions and wars. This was first discovered by the Russian scientist Tchijevsky in 1916.
Interestingly, during the current Solar Cycle 24, social unrest has increased. The Occupy movement started in the USA then spread to many countries throughout the world. Social unrest that toppled regimes in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt happened in a relatively short time period.However, it’s important to remember that increased solar activity can have a positive impact as well. Suitbert Ertel, a German professor, found an increase in human creativity in art, science and architecture during periods of increased solar energy.

While an increasing influx of solar energy will continue to impact us during 2012, it is each individual’s choice and responsibility to establish balance within oneself. Then we can choose to flex with the influx of energy created by the sun and direct it to increase our creative intentions for a better future. As GCI members, we can become “coherence builders” within ourselves and for the benefit of the planet. We can refresh our practice of the Coherence techniques on the GCI site to help us increase our balance, coherence and creativity. To review the Coherence Technique go to, www.glcoherence.org/resources-coherence-tools-introductory-coherence-technique.html. (You must login to view.)

With the best wishes for a coherent year 2012,

Annette Deyhle, Ph.D.

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Let’s talk for a moment about that Introductory Coherence Technique. The easiest, fastest way to calm yourself from Step 1 is to use HealingMindN Meditation; this is a .pdf book that shows us how to prepare for any kind of meditation or just calm ourselves in any stressful situation.

When you get to step 3, sometimes the best way is to treat the planet as a loving person, pet or whomever evokes feelings of love and compassion within you. At step 3, imagine replacing your object of greatest affection with the planet, in the palm of your hands, then continue with the rest of the coherence technique.

Surely, you have someone in your life who evokes feelings of love and compassion within you; in return, this person evokes peace, happiness, and order in your life. When you imagine the entire planet within your hands, how does it feel? Treat it like a loving person because our planet is very much alive and filled with intelligence. Remember the peace, happiness, and order that this planet has brought to your life.

Of course, there have also been disruptions, unhappiness, and chaos. Imagine the planet within your hands. If this was a person you knew, then you would know that something is ailing this person: A sickness or some other chronic ailment. Use your senses. Use your intuition.

Which areas on this planet seem to be suffering the most causing unrest throughout the rest of the planet? If you discovered that it was a matter of spirit like depression, how would you treat it? Remember, this is a person you love dearly AND you have a conscience, so you would NOT throw anti-depressants at this person.

Since you are also a loving person, what would you do? You begin with love and compassion. This is a simple thing that should be done every day; like exercising a muscle, love and compassion become stronger and more durable with use. Just do a little more each day…

Your love and compassion combined with elements of QiGong is all that GCI asks of us during each full moon heart focus. Later, we’ll talk more about conscience.

Healing Thoughts,

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