How do You Vote? By Your Caucus or Your Conscience? part 1

Let’s talk about our every day lifestyles rather than a general political election for the moment. Did you know that every decision you make counts as a vote? Every direction you take is a vote for THAT direction.

The type of soap you use, the type of food you eat, the type of clothes you wear, the type of car you drive, especially decisions about your health and money are all votes cast by you for a certain lifestyle. The question is: When you vote, are you voting with your conscience or are you going with the social trends?

Did you know that there are regular social experiments being performed on American Citizens? Perhaps, you have heard of the famous Milgram Experiments, whether or not you have taken psychology.

Mainstream research focuses on human frailty. These researchers are constantly looking for indicators of human weakness. Have you noticed that? The basis of their research is social trends; they want to know how social trends are shaping the human psyche – and human frailties are the focal point. Sure, there are experiments that focus on enhancing human performance, but the basis of enhancing that performance is overcoming human frailty rather than exemplifying human strengths.

Let’s discover how we can be part of a counter culture to mainstream research on human nature. Mainstream research is focused on human frailty. The underground research – which I will share with you, is not generally shared with the public, yet focuses upon human potential for good including our esoteric potentials.

Of all the facets in human nature, let’s find out how much more our strengths serve us rather than our weaknesses. Let’s find out how our strengths born of good conscience benefits us so much more.

Let’s examine the concepts here from the perspective of a yo-yo: We’ll examine human weaknesses, then human strengths, and so on in the next section.

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P.S. I’m in the middle of a slight computer difficulty, so please be patient for the next post. Thanks for your patience.

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