How do You Vote? By Your Caucus or Your Conscience? part 3: Projection

Conscience, Judgment, and Value Systems A while back, I said this blog was for expressing personal opinions, especially mine; this series on conscience is no exception. Although HealingMindN is based in psychic human potential, that human potential is only as stable as the conscience which supports it. Conscience is the guiding recognition of right and […]

Socionomics Summit 14 April 2012 Atlanta GA

Presentation Topics Robert Prechter “Social Mood, Stock Market Performance and US Presidential Elections” Terry Burnham “The Neural and Emotional Basis of Herding in Financial Markets” Kevin Coogan “Social Mood as a Predictor of Global Equity Market Inversions” Jordan Kotick Presentation Abstract “The Three Epistemological Questions” Peter Atwater “Horizon Preference: How Changes in Social Mood Affect […]