How do You Vote? By Your Caucus or Your Conscience? part 2

So, here I am nearly $1000 down and one new, custom PC up. What have we learned from this? We pay the price to stay connected – whether to our work or socially. Some of us pay a much bigger price to feel connected, important, respected. Some of us pay a much bigger price to feel like part of something bigger – sometimes at the cost of others.

For example, people go to church, so they can feel like they are part of something bigger, but there’s not much of a price being paid there unless you’re following a cult leader or TV evangelist.

Other sunday activities include farmer’s markets. Have you ever been to your local farmer’s market? There’s usually a lot of hustle and bustle (aka hubu), especially when the crowd gets bigger. I have a friend who told me about one day when he was at the local farmer’s market with his 80 year old mother.

One of the younger hubus who like to run around with wheeled cases behind them tripped up this 80 year old woman and caused her injuries (i.e. bruised her knee, then she fell and hurt her lip, her cheek, her brow, and broke her glasses). Evidently, the hubu felt guilty at the time and provided my friend with his name and phone number for a follow up.

A few days later when my friend called the younger hubu, he would admit to no wrong doing – because there was no police report and no medical documentation of the event. The hubu felt guilt free with a clear conscience – ready to return to the next farmer’s market, so he could join all the other hubus again. Of course, this is only one hubu story of many.

What have we learned from this? We pay the price to stay connected. In this case, the young hubu sacrificed whatever morals, ethics, and conscience he might have had with complete self indemnity – not only to hang onto his money, but to remain guilt free and blameless among all the other hubus. And if he should happen to trip up another old woman, it’s just more “spilled milk.”

In a corporate world of sharks where monumentally disastrous toxic spills are considered “spilled milk,” there is no such thing as guilt, only cost. There is a corporate code of “morals and ethics,” but that code is all about protecting the social circle of sharks. Failing to indemnify that circle from “spilled milk” involves costs. (e.g. BP)

Some people believe that I use the words “vote” and “caucus” loosely. All things relative, we “vote” for a certain lifestyle according to the way we live. By the same token, we elect “representatives” of our lifestyle, our beliefs, and our reality to be our authority figures on a whim.

At political rallies, it’s called a caucus. In music, it’s our favorite musical icon. In movies, philosophy, spirituality, style, it might still be our favorite musical icon or whomever best represents our belief system at the time. When it comes to authority figures, sometimes we succumb to the belief system of our lower consciousness or id wherein we even bend the rules of our own ethics and morals.

In the next section, we learn how we elect authority figures on a whim through social experiment.

Healing thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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