Fountain Of Youth, part 1: Involution

Normally, I’m all praises for Jim McElwee’s thoughtful treatments on brainwave entrainment and this is no exception.

However, I feel that I must elaborate on a few of his colorful assertions on maintaining our youth. When I say colorful, I mean that any individual interpretation under the rainbow can be applied to that statement. Jim is clearly relying upon good judgemental heuristics of his readers; some people might take, “the younger you act, the younger you look” in a neurotic, less than mature way.

The following is part one of Jim’s Dissertation on the Fountain of Youth. After that, I follow with a few of my own ideas and that of a few holistic doctors on maintaining our youth:


Today I’d like to talk about something that is on our minds from birth.  Time is something we are taught to fear, but we shouldn’t fear time any more than we fear life.  The Fountain of Youth has always been sought after by adventurers and scholars, but with time humanity realized that
we may not actually need a magical wellspring of life to keep feeling young, as long as we have control over the power of our own minds.  Our Fountain of Youth entrainment program has been designed to trigger the true inner fountain of youth and begin generating a radiant glow of energy throughout your body that impacts how you age.

Have you ever seen someone after a decade of being apart from them and said to yourself, "They haven’t aged a day."  The reality is, they are still aging but they have triggered the centers of their mind that help ease the aging process significantly.  Keep in mind that all hormonal release, and all vital functions of the body have to pass directly through the mind.  The mind acts like the computer managing the systems of the rest of the body, regulating temperature, and allowing it to succeed or fail according to the flow within it.  There’s little doubt that the mind is a powerful center of activity.  But unlocking it can help you regulate your health in many ways, including how young you
feel.  Be sure to check out our Fountain of Youth entrainment program to begin your transformation today.

And there are ways you can improve this entrainment program even more, by following a few easy steps that actually trigger an inner desire to live more healthily and fully.  The mind starts life fresh and full of
curiosity.  But over time we are told repeatedly that we are supposed to "act our age" and lower our expectations for how we should feel.  Why?  Your life is a wonderful adventure and it’s far from over!  There’s so much we all want to do, we need as much time as we can get to allow us
to do it.  It’s time to act your real age – the one you want to feel, rather than the one you’re told to feel.

Feeling young is partially about looking younger too.  Have you ever considered the connection between how young someone looks and how young they act?  The younger you act the younger you look, and the way to impact both is to alter your inner and outer appearance through action. 
And it’s not just about turning back the clock either.  It’s far easier to simply slow the clock where it is.

 How young is young?  Youth is a nebulous term that can refer to any number of specific ages.  And what may have been old a hundred years ago is now considered the new youth.  Those who push back the hands of the clock are like explorers discovering a new country full of promise and
opportunity.  Except instead of land, these explorers are discovering life.

I hope you found this introduction to our Fountain of Youth entrainment program helpful.  Keep in mind that life is an adventure and you get to decide how to run it.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee

PO Box 486
Effort, PA 18330

“The younger you act, the younger you look” draws a big “hmmmm….” from me because I have experienced more than my share of childish seniors who look very old to me. Of course, a great deal of those seniors had Alzheimer’s.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but what I have noticed of older people is that whatever bad habits they had in their youth get amplified as they get older. (I study case histories – that’s how I know.) If they tend to repeat themselves in their youth, they’ll repeat themselves ten times more as a senior. If they had negative, self-defeatist attitudes in their youth, they tend to project that same attitude into the world by a factor of ten as a senior. Ad Infinitum.

Is this what Jim means? No. He is referring more to our belief systems in aging. In The Healer’s Handbook, Stewart Swerdlow says that grey hair and wrinkles on a person indicates a “belief in aging” in that person – in the same way that a depressed person manifests real physical ailments hinging on that depression.

I believe what Jim is actually referring to remaining active as possible rather than just sitting around in a wheel chair or rocking chair or laying in bed all day reminiscing about our youth. I want to discuss an umbrella subject of which our “Fountain of Youth,” our healthy minds, our healthy bodies, our joy of life are all submodalities, but we’ll get to that; in fact, I’ve discussed this umbrella subject many times already at this blog, but we’ll get back to that again.

Aging is also a psychoneuroimmunological phenomenon too (excluding environmental factors); it’s not just a belief in aging that ages us – it’s also a belief in disease and sickness and emotional heart ache which contributes to our underlying feelings, which contributes to our impulses, secondary physiological reactions and everything else that contributes to aging. Unfortunately, there are also all kinds of unnatural environmental factors contributing to our aging process; this is a matter of detoxification and living as healthy as possible – not really a different subject, but out of the context of this article.

The Sleep Factor

As we age, our pineal glands (in our brains) do not produce as much melatonin, a natural “releasing” hormone (which activates the production of other hormones). The less melatonin we make, the less sleep we get. For this reason, most seniors don’t get enough sleep. Only a few hours into the night, then they’re awake. For this reason, sleeping pills are one of the most famously dispensed drugs in rest homes.

Older people usually claim they don’t need that much sleep. In fact, they have insomnia for lack of melatonin. When older people take melatonin on a regular basis, not only do they feel completely rested, they also feel more youthful and invigorated.

According to Dr. Pierpaoli at the Melatonin: Way to Life Extension article, an “involution” takes place, both psychologically and physiologically. When we get older, for lack of proper hormone secretion including the key “releasing” hormone, melatonin, we usually change into less than charismatic people.

You ever hear about certain people getting worse in character as they age? I’m sure you have – or you’ve seen it for yourself. Like I said, bad, life-negative habits in our youth become ten times worse in our old age; this is known as “involution,” but this doesn’t have to happen. Some of us manage to age gracefully, for a reason.

Jim McElwee doesn’t talk about exactly how that Fountain of Youth entrainment program works, but I’m betting that the brain wave entrainment patterns stimulate the pineal and/or thymus gland into producing their natural hormones. Did you know that brainwave entrainment can do that? Well, now you do. Here’s an article for example: Brainwave entrainment and the natural production of hormones

In the second part of Jim’s Fountain of Youth Dissertation, we find out more exactly what he means by “acting young.”

Healing Thoughts,


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