Fountain of Youth, part 2: Tricks for Feeling Young

Jim McElwee’s second installment on the Fountain of Youth gives us a better idea of how to achieve a new beginning.

After Jim provides his dissertation on the subject of staying active and getting support from your social circle, I’m going to elaborate with a few secrets on how others maintain their social “atmosphere” of youth.

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Today I’d like to continue our ongoing manual on the Fountain of Youth entrainment program we offer. As we covered in our last installment, youth has been long sought by those wanting energy and beauty and perhaps most importantly a longer life. But youth isn’t as much something outside us as it is something we can
find within. But there are a few ways you can maximize the youth unlocking potential of our program. Through the power of consciousness transformation you can change your whole life for the better.

Since age is so subjective this is advantageous to the individual looking for a positive change in their lives, but it also has its own share of challenges. Since it’s your consciousness that helps shape your age, then it’s easier to make changes for the better, but you’ll also have to overcome the perceptions
expressed by others. For example, if you’ve been going through a period where you felt particularly tired it may be interpreted as getting older. When others say the same, it might make it more difficult to get in the right swing of things. To get started on your transformation, check us out at

Last installment we mentioned reviving some of your old healthy or active hobbies. These are things like hiking or sports that you may have done when you were younger. But they don’t necessarily have to be quite as advanced as restarting your old lifestyle. You may want to start off simple. Instead of taking the elevator, you may want to take the stairs. But it’s not just the activity that helps with transforming your consciousness.

Changing your consciousness can also work through visualizing things you used to. Read a book you read when you were young. Watch an old favorite movie. Visit a place you haven’t been to in years that you associate with your youth. These things can also help your mind into the mindset of how you thought when you were
younger. It can build upon itself and kickstart your new life. Keep in mind, this exercise is about consciousness. Of course part of consciousness transformation is about building a perception of yourself rather than being overwhelmed by outside forces. So for example, if someone tries to tell you that you’re older than you feel, be sure to remind yourself that this is not the case. And if you find it necessary
you can express to your friends how much younger you’ve been feeling and ask for their support.

As with so many endeavors a person can undertake during their lives, a good support network is important. When you start revisiting your youth and feeling energy and vitality coursing through your veins once again, you’ll want to let others know not only so they can ask you what your secret is, but also so they’ll come along with you on your journey. Believe it or not, a group of friends with one
person undergoing this treatment can have positive effects on others as well, if the group starts doing more active things. So do yourself a favor, and visit us if you haven’t already and begin your journey today!

I hope this installment of our youth entrainment therapy was helpful to you. Remember this is a journey where you have all the power. Next time I’d like to talk about a few of the other steps you can take to help supplement this consciousness transformation.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee

PO Box 486
Effort, PA 18330

Old Haunts

Reminiscing and visiting old haunts from the days of our youth may or may not be a good idea; it depends. In Europe, you know they tend to treasure old buildings, so youth can go back several generations in the same old building.

On the other hand, in America, we love to knock things down and rebuild them in whatever image is popular at the time. Old haunts pass away easily under these circumstances. Sometimes, tearing down and building up is a good thing, but most of the time for those of us who are aging, it seems as if the world is passing us by – which is not good. In this case, we might focus on support from our social circles.

Social Circles

A social circle can consist of a few close friends or wherever we pass the time with people. We also have family who can be wholesale supportive – or unsupportive. In the latter case, support groups exist to lift each other’s spirit in almost any subject. These groups can be found conveniently through or even your local church.

Most of the time, these support groups consist of people who are pretty much the same age. The youthful spirit of the group may be there, but, subconsciously, we still register others with grey hair and wrinkles which still supports a belief in aging. There are tricks that some older people use to bypass their age group into a youthful spirit.

Date a Younger Person

You’ve seen the celebrities do it. You may consider this shameless activity, but it works for them – until their young partners cheat on them. Although this happens among celebrities, this may not happen with you.

If you’re single and advertise yourself exactly the way you are and tell the world exactly what you want, an older person who wants a younger person, you just might land a younger person who is genuinely interested in you and willing to be genuinely supportive. One place I can recommend looking for such a partner is Big Church where spiritual satisfaction is one of the main goals.

Baby Sit

Let’s say you already have a supportive partner who also wants to feel youthful. Baby sitting for other family members helps you focus on caring for and nurturing youth. In turn, this activity reflects in cultivating your own youthful spirit. Caring for a youngling much forces you to find ways to have more energy and alertness.

Join a Community Exercise Class

For example, try learning Tai Chi Chuan for a few hours every week at your local community center. In my experience with these classes, I discovered that the age group was mostly of the younger set. Of course, the senior centers have such classes for free, but then you’d be hanging around with other seniors. Remember what I said about being around others with grey hair and wrinkles….

Community exercise classes evolve into social activities as well. I recall these meetings which led to our participation in a city parade; it was very exciting and invigorating. Of course, I was much younger back then and I haven’t been in parades for a while.

Teach a Class

Do you know why some people become grade school and college teachers? Because they will always be around a giant social circle of young people. Of course, there are also community classes where this is true. You may already have the credentials to teach a community class in your favorite subject wherein you will always be around younger people.

I don’t have to remind you that there are certain boundaries that teachers should never cross with their students. Although there are certain people who become teachers exactly for that reason, please treat your teaching and dating activities completely separate. Thanks you for your understanding.

If you also have tricks for feeling young, please share them in the comments section below!

In the third and final installment in the Fountain of Youth, I will discuss that “umbrella” from part one of this series in detail. That “umbrella” is the essence of HealingMindNs every where. Thank you for your time.

Healing Thoughts,


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