Fountain of Youth, part 3: Self Actualization

In this third and final installment of Jim McElwee’s dissertation on Fountain of Youth, I expand upon his treatise on the subject and the previous two parts. As some of you might know, Jim is like the “Rudolph Steiner” of brainwave entrainment which makes his dissertations insightful.

When I elaborate upon any works, I like to think in terms of martial arts. You ever hear the expression in a karate dojo, “focus beyond the target?” If you have yet to benefit from a sensei, that’s OK. Focussing beyond a target can be taken both literally and figuratively.

Figuritive is one way to describe part 3 of “Fountain of Youth.” When Jim is finished, we will apply the concept of self actualization to his reasoning and where our real point of focus should be to achieve our own fountain of youth.

We should also ask ourselves, “what do older people really want?” when we talk about returning to our youth:

Today I’d like to finish up our lesson on the fountain of youth
entrainment therapy program.  As we have said in the previous two installments the age we feel is largely the product of how we feel inside than it is an actual manifestation of actual physical ware on our bodies.  For this part of the entrainment lesson we focus primarily on the receptive state of the entrainment therapy itself at the beginning, so be sure to pick it up at Unexplainable Fountain of Youth

First, think about the state of mind you get into when you are feeling older than you should.  It generally carries with it a negative
connotation, but there is a deeper more personal feeling to go along with it.  There may be a reason at the root of your age or something more at the root of why you would want to change your age.  Regardless of whether or not this is related to experience or your own personal feelings about something (whatever that may be) you likely know how it feels to show many of the signs normally associated with aging.  Anything from a lack of energy to a general poor diet can be contributing to your age being accelerated beyond what it should normally be.  And so when we look at age, it is one of those things that we normally see through the lens of experience.

At some point while going through the entrainment program, if you have not already, be sure to clear your mind and get yourself in the mindset
of a younger time.  You may recall this part of our last installment of the brainwave entrainment therapy, but pay special attention to that actual transformation that takes place.  Keep it in your focus as you reverse your thought pattern in the direction you want to go.  There should be a noticeable transformation just as you are shifting back while your brain goes through the age regression transformation. Then after using the therapy a few times it should become easier to return to that state of mind whenever you need to in order to find the well of energy residing within us all that allows us to make the conscious decision as to just what age we wish to feel.  To access the secrets of the mind and push your age back, be sure to visit us at Unexplainable Fountain of Youth

It’s important also to remember that age is one of those things that does get gradually more difficult with time.  There is no shame in accessing the power of your mind to unlock your youth, and there is certainly no shame in getting assistance with that task through audio recordings that make it a snap.  Technology has helped others feel younger since it first started coming together.  Only now can we truly get a firm grasp of the principles behind it and start unlocking the potential we all feel deep within ourselves.

And finally, don’t feel intimidated by the power you will gain with your new found youth.  It’s important to keep in mind that this time is
yours as a gift and it is something you can unlock to unleash your full potential.

And once you do start to feel the effects and start feeling younger, perhaps the most important advice is to use it.  The process itself is
fairly simple – anyone can do it with the right tools.  But once you do feel younger what you do with it is entirely up to you.  Will you go on adventures that once seemed for the young?  Will you show off your physical beauty to others?  Or will you simply enjoy the things you used to without a weight around your neck holding you back?  The choice is up to you, but most importantly you must do something to establish how much you have changed.

I hope you found this lesson on our Fountain of Youth entrainment therapy useful.  Keep in mind that life is an incredible adventure that
we all share, and the wonders of just how far you take it are entirely up to you.  We are all masters of our own destiny.  And taking back our youth is a gift many have lost with time.  Only now we can have it all back with the power of our own consciousness.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee

PO Box 486
Effort, PA 18330

One of the reasons I prefer brainwave entrainment like the Unexplainable Fountain of Youth over a supplement like melatonin is that I prefer to tap into my own resources if I know I have them.

Brainwave entrainment is universal in that it allows everyone to tap into their own resources. For example, the Unexplainable Fountain of Youth (hypothetically) stimulates our pineal glands to produce the releasing hormone known as melatonin. Consequently, melatonin stimulates the release of other hormones in the thymus gland which leads to restful sleep and life extension.

Some of you might say, “What good is it to live longer if I’m just going to be old, anyway?” I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen these people over a hundred years old who are not exactly spring chickens. We can’t really say that modern medical science keeps them healthy when we see over 100 years of oxidation on a person who can barely walk. (If anything, centenarians are surviving trials and tribulations.)

For this reason, we must tap into further resources of which Jim barely scratches the surface on the Fountain of Youth. Therefore, let’s consider neurolinguistic programming which allows us to model our best resources within ourselves in a way that allows us to reflect our youth to the world.

In case you didn’t know, I have a video floating around on the web called, Hypnotic Youth Induction NLP made exactly for the purpose of experiencing ourselves one year younger – every time we go through it.

The Milton Method is my favorite since it floods the senses in order to bypass our logical “gatekeepers” to reach our subconscious minds. But there’s something more we should do rather than simply “get in the mindset of a younger time” as Jim says. Remember that question I asked, “what do older people really want?” Here’s the answer (as if you didn’t know):

Older People want to feel Loved, Respected, and Useful

That is the essence of our prime – or, at least, the focus of the prime of our lives – wherein we want to feel that we’re loved, respected, and useful. Yes, energy and care free flexibility went hand-in-hand, but love, honor, and respect were the benefits, weren’t they? Do these qualities go hand-in-hand with feeling younger? Yes. But all three of these qualities must be together – and something more…

Self Actualization

Remember the “umbrella” of which I spoke in part one of this series; that “umbrella” is self actualization. Self actualization is what this site is all about: To help you become the best person you can possibly be by tapping into our God-Given Resources using the advanced tools offered here.

Yes, this site is built upon fringe science that is regularly derided by mainstream science, although the evidence demonstrates that we are all spiritual beings inextricably attached to physical bodies. Self actualization is an individual process whereby we tap into all of our best qualities.

When we tap into our best qualities, first we focus on the outcome. What do we really want?

Focus Beyond the Target

What are all the qualities that you remember from being young? What were the benefits of being young? Was it Desire? Passion? Energy? Fitness?.. Lust? Well, let’s try to focus on productive rather than procreative qualities right now.

When we were younger, We had fire of spirit, didn’t we? Do you recall that old saying from martial arts class? “We forge our bodies in the fire of our spirits;” this is especially true of Medical QiGong wherein our optimal health is the focus.

When we cultivate our Qi during QiGong or bioenergy training, this helps us to forge our bodies in the fire of our spirits.

The subject of Qi is outside the scope of this article, BUT I highly recommend the activity that you can probably find at your local recreational center (pending a properly trained sifu). QiGong helps you to feel spiritually young and helps you age far more gracefully than any senior sitting around in a rest home.

In the next article, I’m going to share a fascinating enhancement tool with you which combines NLP with EFT. Thank you for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

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