How the Year of the Dragon can be Your Year of Prosperity

Hong Kong property tycoon Li, Ka-shing, a superstitious man, was fortunate to have been born in 1928, the year of the dragon. Each of his key buildings was blessed (or subsequently endowed) with excellent feng shui. And because ‘eight’ sounds like ‘prosperity’ in Cantonese, Ka-shing once explained, his watch was regularly set eight minutes early. Ka-shing was certainly prosperous. The perfectly timed sale (in November 1999) of his stake in Orange (a British mobile-phone operator) netted him a profit of some $15 billion.

Ka-shing, Li (1928- ) Chinese property tycoon, Chairman of Chueng Kong Holdings and of Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd.

Since we are, once again, in the year of the dragon, Li, Ka-shing provides us, not only with an appropriate anecdote on prosperity, but a glimpse upon a frame of mind which leads to prosperity in the form of Li, Ka-shing. (Now, you know the origin of “Ka-Ching” when we win at something.)

I recently completed a course on NLP with Steve Jones who says that there’s nothing wrong with being superstitious or having superstitious rituals as long as that superstition helps you to prosper and be the best person you can be.

Successful professionals (mostly pro athletes) have a ritual they perform for good luck before competition; it may anything from a spiritual blessing like that of sumo wrestlers to doing a magical number of reps in the gym to wearing a lucky jersey.

Successful people have rituals that put them in a frame of mind, so they can recognize opportunities. More importantly, their conscious and subconscious impulses lead them to take advantage of opportunities.

I believe this is a good lead in for the guest article on prosperity which may or may not be from Jim McElwee, the Rudolph Steiner of brain wave entrainment. As you might know, Jim usually signs off on his articles, but not this time.

The following article from the Unexplainable Store tells us that we can access a prosperous frame of mind through brain wave entrainment; this makes sense; this makes sense because an opportunistic frame of mind requires a conscious awareness provided by a predominant brainwave pattern. I will discuss the prosperous neural pattern after this guest article.

Since I don’t know if Jim McElwee wrote this article, I’m embellishing upon it wherever I feel necessary like with that lead in anecdote on Li, Ka-shing, a man literally born and bred as a “dragon person” to be lucky and blessed:

Recognizing Opportunities

Today I’d like to talk about something that’s always on our minds – our own prosperity. We’re all too often told prosperity is something set in stone that we have no control over. How can we improve our prosperity? What can we do to improve the quality of life we all enjoy? And what good deeds could we do for others if only we would allow ourselves to enjoy the success we were destined for?

Of course money doesn’t grow on trees. You have to go out and get it. But why is it so daunting for some people? Why do some people find that they have no luck with money? The answer, as with so many things lies within the power of human consciousness. And we have as much control over it as we do our own minds.

We live in a world constantly changing. And each new variable added to the mix adds new opportunities and challenges. But how do we look past the daunting challenges and see the potential for opportunities there? How can you cash in on that law of attraction that destines some people to become vastly more wealthy while others ignore it at their own risk? You don’t need a magic wand that conjures gold from nowhere if you have the right outlook on life. So why not take advantage of our
entrainment therapy at

Wealth is not, as so many would have you believe, exclusively a matter of circumstance. You have only as much control and power over your own life as you take for yourself. And those who unlock this understanding and motivation toward opportunity do more than simply acquire wealth for themselves. They also use their talent to benefit others as well, increasing the prosperity of all those around them (The Great Circuit of Life: What Goes Around, Comes Around).

And it’s all based around a single important factor – our ability to take advantage of opportunities that are presented to us. Everyone during the course of their lives sees hundreds to thousands of little opportunities and more than a handful of extremely large ones as well. The mechanism in our minds that decides what to do and how to regard each emerging situation is different according to how close our personalities establish a connection with each new real life adventure and how we want to react to it.

Every situation has some way of benefiting us, every new acquaintance an opportunity to create a close ally. We simply need to understand how the human mind maximizes these opportunities, and how to keep the road blocks that traditionally get in the way from arising. We don’t have to be held back. The world really is your oyster when you’re ready for it. There’s no reason to wait, just visit us at
and start today.

I hope you found this introduction to our prosperity therapy helpful. If you haven’t already done so, take a look at the opportunities you may have been missed in the past. Everyone has them. But how much further along in life would you be if you simply took advantage of every opportunity that presented itself? Are you even certain you recognize them all?

Next, I’d like to examine the first steps you can take to embrace your new way of thinking, and the tricks employed by billionaires and revealed after a long life of prosperity

The Prosperity Mind Pattern

There are many definitions of prosperity, but sometimes prosperity is seen at odds with spiritual identity. Of course this lack of coordination does not have to be. In fact, many eastern philosophies include personal prosperity in the spiritual growth of an individual. Deep down we all want to prosper – but how have some people managed to coordinate their personal lives so well with an innate sense of direction when it comes to moving up in the world?

Powerful men and women throughout history have illustrated how
important this balance between personal success and greater financial success is. We all try to become a well adjusted and fully developed human being (self actualized), and a big part of life in all this time has been overcoming the state of mind that discourages personal ambition and wellness. But why not distill the state of mind of a successful person and put it in the context of our own lives? Why not see the world through the eyes of a prosperous person who wants good for themselves and others?

In recent years scientists have discovered mental states such as these are easier to subconsciously influence than previously thought. Why not begin today with our entrainment therapy designed to get you on the fast track to prosperity? Be sure to visit us at to begin your journey today.

Have you ever suddenly received a gift that seemed to be so random and unexpected that you could have sworn it came from the universe itself? Luck isn’t the only factor in situations like this, although it helps. What really allows you to capitalize on your gains is the ability to maximize the potential benefits of different events. Maximize the potential relationships of people who can help you (network). Secure opportunities for yourself. Don’t tire when you see the finish line in sight. Use the added power boost from your mind to acquire all of your dreams and make them come true – soon you’ll get in the habit of it and you’ll hardly recognize yourself.

You may have someone in your own life who has everything they touch turn to gold. Their success seems to come so naturally to them that when you ask them how they do it they usually seem to give generic answers, or are confused about how simple it seems. That’s because it is simple for them. Their minds are naturally attuned to success.

A transformation has occurred in their subconscious that let’s them enjoy the success of every opportunity that comes their way effortlessly. They realize how powerful a force each human being can be in the world. And perhaps most importantly they are unafraid of their own success.

How Fear of Adventure = Fear of Success

A big part of success and the lack of it is fear. Those who are afraid of finding prosperity are more likely to fail in their endeavors. But why do so many people fear good fortune? For one thing, it does offer a life of adventure – and that feeling can be unfamiliar to some. They may have insecurities that make them feel that they are unworthy of great success or that their lives are destined based on past events to repeat over and over again.

But nothing about the future is already written in stone. You can take a moment at any time and use the next five or six years caught in a rut just as easily as you set off rocketing on the fast track of good fortune. Why wait? We’re here to help at, so get started on your adventure today!

I hope you found this lesson on the mentality of prosperity
helpful. Powerful figures throughout history have been often described as having a very specific special kind of mind that is the secret to their success. Why not take it for yourself and join them? Next, I’d like to take a look at the beginning of a successful journey and the changes you’ll start to notice as you progress toward your dreams right away.

Getting up every time after you’ve been knocked down is 10% will power and 90% IMPULSE

Today I’d like to take a moment to continue our examination of prosperity and how to take control of this adventure we call life. One of the most important elements of building prosperity is the increase in the amount of return you get for each bit of effort you put in.

Do you ever notice how friends and allies sometimes manage to maximize the amount of return they receive for their work? This is an important aspect of what prosperity is all about. Those in the zone have a way of getting bigger returns on their investments of time and energy. This isn’t just luck. It’s a carefully honed skill combined with a mindset – and it’s one of the things you’ll need to get yourself on the fast track toward prosperity. You’ll need that networking edge that we provide through a carefully crafted brain wave entrainment session. (Who ever wrote this is trying to make us jealous of prosperous people – whatever works.)

Our recordings actually cause shifts in consciousness that improve this capacity significantly. If you haven’t already, be sure to check them out at

After you’ve allowed yourself a few sessions with our prosperity entrainment therapy, you may notice mental cues signal in your brain when certain things happen. Keep in mind these cues are exactly the sort of thing you’re looking for. It might be your mind telling you this is an opportunity and not to let it go. You may even be surprised by how often these cues come up in seemingly normal conversations.

Take any event in world history, from the 1920’s stock market boom to the discovery of Gold in the west. While there were those who worked hardest in both situations, they weren’t always the ones who became the most prosperous. You may have heard the phrase work smarter not harder. That’s as true today as it was then. The true prosperity came often from those who simply found the most efficient means of making their work count. It’s not a secret knowledge that must be unlocked, but rather a state of mind – that of the individual who is always expanding his or her influence in the world they live in.

One day at the height of the speculative stock market bubble in 1929, Joseph Kennedy (John F. Kennedy’s father and a prominent banker and industrialist) asked for investing advice from a shoe shine boy. The next day, Kennedy began pulling all of his money out of the stock market.

On October 29th, Black Tuesday arrived; the stock market crashed and America and the world were plunged into the worst recession in history.

Kennedy, Joseph Patrick (1888-1989) American businessman and diplomat, ambassador to Britain (1937-40), father of Robert, Edward, and John F. Kennedy

Of course just as there was a crash after the stock market boom of the 1920’s, and the term boomtown soon became synonymous in many regions with abandoned cities, there are hardships in today’s economy. But history is full of stories of people who made fortunes, lost it all, started again, and actualized their potential several times over during the course of their lives. Others show that even in times of crisis and uncertainty, some individuals will always succeed.

It wasn’t always luck or even usually luck that they had on their side.A lot of the time it was as simple as a mindset pushing them in the right direction at all times, guiding them like a strong wind in a ship’s sails.

Samuel Slater, born near Manchester in 1768, began working in a mill at the age of fourteen. Though he quickly became a manager, Slater, painfully aware that his opportunities in class-ridden Britain were severely limited, soon developed a devious plan.

Slater spent six years studying every aspect of cotton manufacture and memorizing details of the complicated spinning looms invented by Richard Arkwright in 1768. Because British authorities strictly prohibited the export of any textile-related technology (and the emigration of anyone with expertise in the field), he simply disguised himself as a farmer and, in 1789, slipped past British agents and sailed for America…

Slater, often called “the world’s first industrial spy,” soon arrived in Rhode Island, where he created America’s first advanced mill in a small shop in Pawtucket. “Slater system” mill villages soon spread across the state and into Connecticut. When he died in 1835, Slater’s estate was worth $9 million (hundreds of millions of dollars in today’s money).

In fact, in many cases these gifted individuals found themselves excelling because of their innate talent, their trait of excellence that truly defines prosperity, the ability to propel themselves into the future by their wits and their ability to make every bit of labor count – particularly work going on in the brain. And if the brain has the right training, the entire process can be streamlined and simplified. Streamline your process and start your
journey today with our prosperity entrainment at

I hope you found this installment of our prosperity entrainment guide helpful. Next time I want to take on our greatest tip for using our entrainment therapy yet.What is the greatest difference you’ll notice and how can you maximize it to its fullest potential? What’s the single mistake so often made by even the most seemingly prosperous people? Be sure to take a look!

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The neural pattern within Unexplainable’s Prosperity Program

I believe a good question is, “exactly which brain wave patterns provide us with the conscious awareness to take advantage of opportunities, so we can prosper?”

If I were to guess, and this would be an educated guess since I worked with similar brain wave entrainment patterns already, then I would guess that the Unexplainable Program entrains beta rhythms. Not just any beta rhythms since there many that resonate with conscious awareness: We want beta wave patterns that induce mental speed and acuity to speed up our brains, increase activity, and encourage brain growth – as in neuroplasticity.

We all have ways of “psyching” ourselves out to meet a challenge – including superstitious rituals or ridiculous habits. For example, at a gym, we might hear people yell, scream, and curse at dead weights to pump up their adrenaline with concurring predominant beta rhythms. Conversely, the same beta rhythms also help us pump up our adrenaline levels, thus heightening our conscious awareness.

I know this because I designed “Recognizing Design Beneath Disorder,” based on the latest waking rhythm research and one of the beta rhythm entrainment songs from my album, The Big Picture,” to do exactly the same thing, but with a larger perspective. To hear a lo-fi version of “Design Beneath Disorder,”, please visit

Coincidently, “Design Beneath Disorder,” has a Chinese backbeat percussion rhythm which I failed to dedicate to Li, Ka-shing when The Big Picture,” was first published in 2010, but I’m doing it now. Li, Ka-shing, I am not an earth-dragon person, but a metal-ox person who hopes to achieve the heights of your riches and wisdom. May your prosperity touch everyone of us.

Healing thoughts,

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