Belated Entrees + International Day of Peace, 21 September

Please excuse my absence. I have not made any new posts in a while because I have been reconstructing which is taking me longer than I anticipated. Soon, there will be guest authors at HealingMindN Power Circle who will provide you with further variety while giving me more time to build a more personable, user-friendly website.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend that you participate in the up coming International Day of Peace.  You may ask, “What does this mean? What good is a ‘Day of Peace’ when the rest of the year is filled with war?”

Good question. First, can we agree that peace time activities are far more productive than war time activities? If that’s a yes, can we also agree that peace in our personal lives takes place in “baby steps?”

That is, we don’t usually make quantum leaps into a peaceful activity. For example, when we go on vacation, our target is whatever destination we have chosen to spend that peaceful activity. In order to get there, we have to plan, create an itinerary, pack our bags, if necessary, wait in line on the road, in the airport, at the train station, ad infinitum.

Meanwhile, we are focused on our chosen destination. None of those in between steps matter to much as long as where focused on our chosen destination. In the case of the International Day of Peace, this is one of those “baby steps” to World Peace.

There are actually a number of steps besides International Day of Peace including World Tai Chi and QiGong Day. When these days come along, I do my best to announce them for you ahead of time.

In the case of International Day of Peace, We can rely on organizations like Be the Peace and International Day of Peace to facilitate our intentions towards World Peace.

“What good is it to participate in International Day of Peace when most people couldn’t care less about it or don’t even know it exists?” Another good question. Fortunately, most people ARE interested in peace, but in their own way. In reality, the psychotic people who always want war are a very, very small percentage while people who live in fear with beliefs based in fear are a much larger percentage.

Here’s an article that will help you understand that social mood is the source of public behavior and the driver of fads in society: Hard Data, Hard Knocks and Hard Times. The article uncovers how fear as the prevalent social mood has leads equivalent types of actions.

Let’s be truthful with each other: People who live in fear prefer peace; they don’t want to stir up trouble with the “authorities.” What better way for a person who lives in fear to help induce World Peace without stirring up trouble than participating with International Day of Peace?

To top it off, we don’t need EVERYONE on the planet to participate in order to induce the Maharishi Effect. I have discussed the Maharishi Effect on previous posts wherein we need only the square root of 1% of the population to participate in order to induce peaceful enlightenment in the rest of the world.  Written as a formula, we only need:

(sqr (world population x 1%))

As of this writing, the number of people we need, not necessarily in a transcendental meditation state, but focused through meditation and prayer upon World Peace is only 8,351 People.

You can begin preparing for Be The Peace and International Day of Peace events on Sunday, Sept. 16, in a live teleseminar with HeartMath Inc. President and CEO Deborah Rozman. A member of the GCI Steering Committee, Rozman will speak about peace and spirituality from 9-10 a.m. (PDT) in a free presentation sponsored by GCI and the Summer of Peace 2012.

Thanks for your time, healing thoughts, healing mindn,

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