How Important Are YOU on 21 September 2012?

How important is your participation with the International Day of Peace?

In the previous post, I discussed the importance of focusing on peaceful productivity on the International Day of Peace this friday, 21 September 2012. I also mentioned the Maharishi Effect in that only a small number of people on this planet are needed to affect spiritual enlightenment in the rest of the population.

What I did not mention previously is why you are so important to this day and every day of peace. In all likely hood, you have been affected by at least one International Day of Peace – which is why you’re here.

In all likely hood, you have had a personal paranormal event happen to you more than once. The only reason you found this site is because you picked up on extraordinary clues due to your first hand experience.

I could not begin to guess what your first hand experiences are. I can assume that they were similar to mine. For example:

  • As a child, you focused on patterns in strange places that seemed to “come alive.”
  • You have precognitive dreams. As a child, when you woke from your dreams, the rest of the day felt like déja vous, so you would question, “why are we doing this again?”
  • When you think of certain people who are close to you, they ring you, mail you, or knock at your door.

Yes, we are born with natural psychic gifts. Unfortunately, most of us lose these gifts when we’re bred in a culture that derides such things. Fortunately, a few of us hang onto these gifts, albeit, secretly. And every once in a while, on every International Day of Peace, our gifts are amplified.

Our gifts are amplified on every International Day of Peace because we secretly want to feel that connection to the rest of the universe. We are able to feel that connection to the rest of the universe through global coherence; this means that a minimum of just under 9000 people on this planet (as of this writing) is needed affect spiritual enlightenment in the rest of humanity.

Just under 9000 human minds focused on loving, peaceful productivity through meditation and prayer invites enlightenment in nearly seven billion other human minds on this planet.

Why am I asking you to participate? Because you are one of the few.

Global Coherence Initiative towards Humanity’s Spiritual Enlightenment

GCI is collaborating with organizations worldwide that are coming together to make this international observance happen.

Be The Peace will be held, on the International Day of Peace, Friday, Sept. 21, the date designated 30 years ago by the United Nations General Assembly for an annual commemoration and commitment to the ideals of peace between and among all nations and peoples.

Hundreds of organizations and many thousands, perhaps millions, of people around the world will participate from 6-7 p.m. in local time zones in Be The Peace public meditation and prayer events in more than 380 cities around the planet.

Peoples of good will on Earth throughout history have always sought a world of peace and held the dream that one day peace would truly become our normal state of existence. In that spirit, Be The Peace will be welcoming people of all cultures, spiritual traditions and political perspectives to join together for an hour of creating a planetary peace wave on Earth.

Get started on your own profound journey of peace by joining the BeThePeace Facebook page.

The Gaiafield Project, a Global Care Rooms partner organization, will hold Global Attunements for Peace in one of its Global Care Rooms at 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. (EDT) on Sept. 21 and a final one at 12 a.m. on Sept. 22 to mark the end of this international observance. The focus of the Global Attunements for Peace, in which everyone will connect simultaneously in the Gaiafield Be the Peace Care Room, will be to create a deep planetary pulse wave of peace.

People can connect with one another virtually throughout the day in the Be the Peace Care Room, where you will “see” each other as points of light on a spinning Google Earth map. This will be a stunning visual image of the global field that is forming in real time.

Organizations in your community or area are encouraged to collaborate and form your own events for Be The Peace on Sept. 21. Inspire and help coordinate your networks to participate and spread the word globally…

Allow me to elaborate a bit further on the connection we want to feel. In fact, everyone wants to feel connected. I believe we can agree that everyone wants to feel like they are part of something bigger – not just to know it, intellectually, but to feel it, with all of our senses. Are we agreed on that?

I believe we can also agree that the rest of the universe outside of our culture basically good and ordered. Most of the chaos we face every day, other than natural disasters, is brought on by decadent human culture – which is based in fear and hatred.


Unfortunately, fear and hatred are self-perpetuating between people who think like victims and their authority figures who push agendas based in fear and hatred. Certain people, such as Bill Gates, believe that peace and productivity in human society can only be achieved through population reduction. Do you believe that?

An article by Alan Hall, The Wave Principle Governs Fear and The Social Desire to Submit,” explains how human society is shaped when the social mood is based in fear. Victims make up the majority of human attitudes on this planet – because they were nurtured to think like victims. According to the principles of socionomics, the victim’s mentality of fear based beliefs is the driving force behind all the troubles we are experiencing in human culture.

Victims are trapped in a neat little box of human culture that derides paranormal phenomena because it exists outside of their neat little box. When all is said and done, victims remain as victims of their own fear and hatred until they wake up and pull themselves out of their neat little box.


On the other hand, there are people like us. We have strange interests because of our first hand experiences, clues that stick in the back of our minds, and our deep feelings that there is so much more to humanity than what the mainstream is willing to discuss.

We realize that there is more order in the universe than there is chaos, more peace in the universe than violence, more life in the universe than death, that we have decided to embrace our connection with the good in the universe. We realize, as special variations of the universe, as special reflections of the universe become aware of ourselves, that we shape our own reality. That’s why we’re here.

Can we also agree that there is an even greater reality than what is physically perceived in the world around us? There are all kinds of energy all around us. As you know from physics, energy is never destroyed; it can only be transformed. We are all part of the living energy in the universe. Life energy is the majority of universal energy.

People who Own Up to their own existence do not feel victimized. People who are Owners feel they can help change the world around themselves for a life-positive reality, a more productive way of life. Owners believe they can help affect the world in their own special way because their beliefs are based in love and life.

Owners feel that connection to the good in the universe, but they know that feeling is amplified during International Days of Peace. Although millions participate on this day, the actual Owners of Reality are few and far between. Since we are few and far between, this is why you are so important to this event.

Beyond Energy

You may be familiar with Gerald O’Donnell, the owner and author of the remote viewing and influencing courses at Probable Future. On 12 July 2012, he did an interview with One Radio Network where he attempts to elucidate remote viewing for the host and discusses where our focus should be.

In essence, Gerald tells his audience the same thing I’ve been telling my audience: Remain aware of evil while focusing on the good in the world. You can download the mp3 of the interview from

Gerald wants us to focus on the deeper reality in this universe wherein we are all spiritual beings connected to physical bodies. The deeper reality is that the spiritual universe is the REAL reality whereas the physical universe is a consequence of the spiritual universe.

Problems happen when we are spiritually focused on life-negative emotions like fear and hatred; when we do this, we become spiritually connected to the life negative forces. For example, Victims are still worried about the Mayan Calendar prediction for 21 December 2012; they fear impending doom and destruction, but this is from the perspective of a victim.

On the other hand, Owners view 21 December 2012 as a point of possible transition, therefore, a chance to change for the better. As you see, it’s all a matter of perspective.

To help guide you in your personal quest for excellence on this coming International Day of peace, you can try the following NLP exercise as a form of meditation:

Circle of Excellence(AKA “States of Excellence”)

  1. Imagine a circle in front of you, large enough for you to step in
  2. Imagine this circle representing you when you at a time when you felt really good about yourself in that you completely realize your special gifts and the path you want to take in life. The energy within this circle resonates with you and your connection with the universe; that is, it resonates with your past, present, and future connections to the path you have chosen.
  3. Imagine the characteristics of this circle: What are the sounds associated with that moment? The colors? What movements do you see within this circle? How would you describe your feelings within this circle when you feel connected to all the good things in the universe? Perhaps, there’s even a certain scent or flavor that you associate with your connections.

Spleen 21

Please have a look at the graphic to the right:

Place your right thumb on your left nipple. Rest your hand in the same way as you see in the graphic with your fingers reaching parallel across your chest with your thumb perpendicular (90 degrees) to your fingers. The tip of your index finger should be within an intercostal space (between your ribs); this point is called spleen 21.

  1. Step into this circle and bask in these intense sensory feelings. When your feelings are reaching their peak, press and vibrate your index finger at spleen 21 as you take a deep breath. Hold, then let it out slowly.
  2. Step out of the circle and add energy to it: What other times and places did you feel intense connections to the world around you? Recall your psychic experiences wherein you felt like you could influence the world around you. How did you feel? What sensations did you have? Add all of the feelings and sensations from those other experiences into the circle.
  3. Imagine this circle as it “vibrates” faster and more intensely representing you at your most connected.
  4. Step back into the circle and bathe in the intense sensory feelings. When your feelings are reaching their peak, press and vibrate faster with your index finger at spleen 21 as you take a deep breath. (You’re correct to tense the muscles in your right arm while vibrating.) Hold, then let it out slowly..
  5. Within the circle, imagine what you would do differently in the future to feel connections to the good in the universe. How would you perpetuate the feelings and sensations you associate with being “Connected,” “Chosen,” or “Blessed” by an invisible power?…

Please let me know how the above NLP meditation exercise works out for you on International Day of Peace.

Healing Thoughts,

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