How to Know When You’re Making the Right Choice (on Election Day)

Montezuma was famed for his gluttony. On a typical night he ate chicken, turkey, songbirds, doves, ducks, rabbits, pheasants, partridges, quail, and — according to a secondhand report — once ate an adolescent boy or two, followed by tortillas and hot chocolate…

I’ll get back to Montezuma in a moment. You may ask what Montezuma has to do with this discussion; it will become clear to you.

Let’s say that you don’t quite have the conviction to make a choice on a certain decision. On the other hand, you probably had the conviction in the past to make the “right choice,” but you ended up paying for making the wrong choice – or someone else’s wrong choice. For example, when we vote on election day, we want to make sure that we vote for the “right choice.”

How do we know what is the “right choice?” Obviously, it’s the right choice if the result of making that choice benefits us. Every day of our lives, we have to make big choices and little choices. At times, there are so many little choices, that we leave them to others, so we can take care of the big choices.

Making the “Right Choice” through Nostril Breathing

Are you with me so far? As you know, HealingMindN is an esoteric site on self improvement. We take advantage of those lesser known neural pathways. For example, the exercise presented on dowsing through nostril breathing shows us how to determine what is true according to our dominant breathing nostril. Please have a look at that exercise.

In essence, when we are right nostril dominant and faced with a choice, then that is the choice that we really want. How do we know it’s the “right choice?” That’s a good question.

Please do yourself a favor right now. Test your nostrils. If you are right nostril dominant, then you have made the “right choice.” Please keep reading.

Why we are not like Montezuma

We like to go with our gut instinct, don’t we? When we want to save time, we go with our gut instincts. When we choose a fav sports team, it’s because we like their team members and the way they handle the sport; it doesn’t matter whether they win or lose, does it? (Unless you’re a gambler.) We only lose face when our team loses – no big deal; there’s always next year.

On the other hand, when we choose politicians for office or certain legislation, we might get personal lash backs in our personal lives for years when we make the wrong decision. Unlike Montezuma, we care about the consequences as well as the benefits of our decisions.

When we have conviction, We’ve already labeled our favorites in our minds. The problem lies therein: How we foresee the benefits and/or consequences of our decisions?

Most of us can’t, so we worry. At least, we are not weak-willed and indecisive like Montezuma (AKA Moctezuma II). Did you read his history? He invited foreigners into his palace, considered them as “gods,” incurred the wrath of the Aztec People, and began the fall of the Aztec Civilization.

You don’t do that sort of thing, do you? In fact, you are decisive and strong-willed. You probably eat and have relationships in moderation compared to Montezuma. As you know from Montezuma’s History, he was a war-mongering, superstitious glutton who cared very little for his own people because of his gluttony.

Sure, Montezuma had aspirations of conquering the entire world, but in his name. Did he care about the Aztec People? Enough to make speeches to them whenever he saw fit. But even his speeches were mostly all about himself.

The Aztecs became angered by the growing number of foreign invaders, but Montezuma didn’t want to talk about them – except in reference to a “god” or some other riddle that they would be “confused” if they saw “Quetzalcoatl.” The Aztecs actually sensed that the “end” was coming for them because of the growing number of foreign invaders given shelter by Montezuma – and they were right.

What about you? Would you say that you’re different from Montezuma? Yes? Then let’s probe a little deeper to make sure that we’re making the “right choice” instead of all the gluttonous choices made by Montezuma.

“Precognition” of the “Truth”

What would be easier? Should I teach you methods of precognition? I bet you had some precognitive dreams, but you’re not willing to admit it; it’s almost like we’re creating our own reality when that happens, isn’t it? Precognitive dreams can be weird, sometimes scary.

Making things come true in physical reality that first happens in our minds can be scary. “Creating reality” can be “scary,” because we’re wielding a kind of power and freedom to create our own reality.

Our personal reality is based upon our personal truth, isn’t it? Personal truths do not apply to everyone – only for individuals with their own personal truths. The following is an example of a personal truth by Gerald O’Donnell:

Today an act of pure Unification of all the parts who form the ONE has occurred.

TRUTH has overcome untruth, for only THE ONE is TRUTH; all the rest is but illusion.

TRUTH is unmovable – it just IS.

TRUTH is but the name of The ONE.

Soon all that created untruth shall cease to operate, as The ONE- and-Only will only allow His ONLY facet: TRUTH, to BE and Persist.

This stage of Creation is very Holy, for all the parts who have operated within the ONE have finally resolved to let go of their differences, achieved through the illusions of their Creations, and unite under the banner of TRUTH: Oneness manifested.

The outer manifestations of some of these parts who are still bathing in the illusion of untruth are to be soon transformed into new perceptions gifted by the TRUTH of the ONE-and-Only-Being there IS, there was, and there will ever BE.

Resistance is futile, for the very core of TRUTH is now penetrating all of Its realities and transforming them back into who and what they originate from.

There has been more than enough suffering and distortions due to untruths, and the ONE-and-Only, through all of Its parts, felt and experienced the damage it caused to the fabric of ALL.

You will all soon perceive in the depth of your selves and in your realities how TRUTH pierces the veil of untruth.

You will all soon bow down in Love to Love manifested.

You will all soon cherish all that you are and all that you can be.

For Oneness shall guide you; Oneness shall bring you Home to Itself – to The ONE.

And this is the only TRUTH by which we shall all operate at all levels of Creation from now on: as ONE Creating the illusions of many so that the many perceive themselves as ONE AGAIN.


That’s way out there, right? Gerald would make a good cult leader. Gerald’s personal truth benefits him, but let’s say that you want to stick with your personal truth that benefits you.

People become rich when they stick with their personal truths. How? Which people do you know who became rich selling their personal truths? Look up any self improvement media and the famous names behind them like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, etc. The key to their success is the people who buy their personal truths.

There’s nothing wrong with enriching ourselves with the personal truths of others as long as the personal truths of others benefits us. Right? They add to our knowledge base. Are you still breathing through your right nostril? Good.

How to “foresee” the future

Let’s do an exercise that helps us to foresee a reality based upon your your knowledge and experience, the basis of your personal truth. Let’s foresee how that reality benefits you. Let’s do something simple. Imagine yourself shopping for your favorite food at a grocery store. Here are the steps:

1. Imagine a grid in front of you, like a football field grid, but further perpendicular lines also form boxes. This grid completely fills your field of vision, but you can see through it and put anything you want in any of the boxes.

2. Remember the last time you were actually shopping for your favorite food:

  1. What colors do you see? What are the shapes? Do you see lines of shelves filled with a certain color or shape?
  2. What do you hear over the PA system? Music? Announcements? What are the other shoppers around you saying? What sound does your favorite food make when you take it from the shelf and shake it?
  3. How do your feet feel when you’re walking in this store? How does your favorite food product feel in your hands when you pick it up?
  4. What is the air like in this store? Is the air cool? Fresh? Are there certain aromas in the air? How would you describe the smell? What is the smell of your favorite food? Can you smell it through the package?
  5. What flavors do you anticipate as you hold a package of your favorite food in your hands? Salty? Sweet? What is the texture? Crunchy? Creamy? (like tortillas and hot chocolate?)

3. Imagine where this past event lies on the grid and mark it with an “X” by reaching out to it.

4. Now, Imagine an experience that would be even more positive for you if it happens. Let’s go back to that grocery store scenario. Let’s say that there’s another shopper in the same aisle who you want to meet, just to break the ice – because – you foresee a possible, mutually beneficial personal or business relationship in your future:

  1. All the colors or shapes are what you expect to see except for this person you want to meet. How tall is this person? What color is his/her hair? What color are her/his eyes? What shape is this person’s face? What is he/she wearing? Now, look at the label on your favorite food as you hold it in your hand. There is an extra titbit of information. What does it say?
  2. All the sounds you hear are there except for what you say to this person and what this person says to you. When you make eye contact, you might say something off beat that captures the other person’s imagination like, “I hate foreign invaders…”, then you append your remark with “…in my food – I hate it when Montezuma puts so many foreign invaders in my food like GMOs…” What does the other person say in return? Then you carry on the conversation with further hilarious misnomers with your business card in the other person’s hand.
  3. You probably have all the same feelings before except for a little extra upon meeting this person. How do you feel in your armpits and around your brow? How fast are you breathing? How fast is your heart beating? Are you breathing in sync with the other person? What similar body friendly language are you matching with the other person?
  4. All the aromas are the ones you expect – except for this person. What does he/she smell like on top of all your favorite aromas? How would you describe that person’s smell mixed in with the aroma of your favorite food?
  5. You know what flavors and texture you can anticipate from your food, but what flavors and textures do you anticipate from the other person? Well, if it’s a business relationship you’re seeking, how much more will you be able to enjoy the flavors and textures of your favorite food? (on the level of Montezuma?)

5. Imagine where that experience lies on the grid and mark it with an “O” by reaching out to it.

6. Slowly drag your foreseeable future experience marked “O” to the past experience marked “X” on the grid with an outreached hand using all your senses.

7. Does the foreseeable future experience seem true? What feelings do you have right now that makes this foreseeable future experience possible? What resources have you discovered within yourself to create this beneficial experience?

This exercise can be transferred to any scenario, but remember to imagine how the experience can also be mutually beneficial. Since you’re already an outgoing person, it’s just a few more steps to create mutually beneficial relationships. The event has already happened in your mind. The resources within you are there for making it happen. All the event needs to do is come true.

Remember that you can create your own personal reality based upon your personal truth. We should all have the choice to create our own mutually beneficial reality. No one wants “Montezuma’s” growing numbers of “foreign invaders” taking away our power, freedom, and existence, but everyone wants mutual benefits based on personal realities.

Healing Thoughts,

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