Why Your Dreams are More Important Beginning with 2013

Abraham Lincoln: Catafalque

Late one night in 1865, Abraham Lincoln had a discomforting dream. Walking through the silent White House toward the sound of sobbing, he entered the East Room and was confronted by the sight of a catafalque (a coffin platform) covered in black, surrounded by a group of mourners. Lincoln proceeded to ask the guard on duty who had died. The man’s reply? “The president.”

[One week later, Lincoln, who had discussed the dream with several people, was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. (Lincoln also had a dream on the eve of his election: While peering into a large mirror, he saw two distinct images of himself; one, much paler, superimposed upon the other. Lincoln’s wife, told of the dream, interpreted it to mean that he would be elected to a second term but would not live through it.)]

We have all kinds of dreams including precognitive dreams. Most people don’t pay attention to their dreams – at least – not on the surface. Some people prefer to forget and dismiss their dreams as mindless, random figments of their imaginations. Others claim that they don’t dream at all. I’m not too worried about these types of people; I’m worried about you, your dreams, and the basis of your dreams. I’m worried about the reality which you influence and create based upon your dreams.

I’m not going to tell you what is “reality.” What is real is the way each one of us perceive reality according to our knowledge and experience – which is based in reality, not our imaginations. Our reality consists of our perceptions of facts and clues to facts gathered continuously by our conscious and, moreover, by our subconscious minds. Moreover, I’m worried about distorted perceptions of the reality of others; I’ll tell you more about that in a moment.

President Lincoln’s precognitive dreams could just as well have been intuitive conclusions by his subconscious mind. Who are we to say exactly what inflammatory things he saw or heard during his term as president? What kind of promises and/or threats crossed his path during his presidency?

Here we are, 148 years later. Our information age takes its toll on our senses. Images and voices from mainstream media burn their way into our retina and gnaw away at our subconscious like wood worms. For a few, those “images and voices” are like sparks in a powder keg (You ever heard that song by Bonnie Tyler?)

Although our senses are bombarded and our lives are very different from the civil war era, we still dream just like people did back then. When we dream, our brainwave rhythms change, our hormones change, our blood flow changes, our physiology changes.

When we dream, we tap into neural pathways which we don’t normally access during our waking states of mind; there are some mainstream psychologists who claim that our “dreams mean nothing.” In fact, they are a living part of us – just as important as our internal organs. When we dream, we tap into thoughts and ideas not normally accessed by the waking mind.

Sure, kids have their silly, primitive dreams built around their personal lives; mainstream psychologists apply Occam’s Razor to claim that the “id” is in control when we dream. Kids, like mainstream psychologists, tend to share what is important to themselves while missing the big picture.

I could just as well say that about President Lincoln, but who is to say that he only shared a few of his dreams with others. Considering that he thought the above dream was important enough to share with others and that his wife was so good at interpreting, who is to say that he didn’t make record of his other dreams?

What I’m saying is that President Lincoln probably thought many of his dreams were important enough to share, but didn’t make it into the history books with his dream of his own demise. Lincoln probably had more dreams that did not make it into the history books.

The Civil War dream diary of a Confederate lady and The Adirondack Regiment in the Civil War indicate that the people of that era were just as interested in recording their dreams – which were specific to that era. As our predecessors, our dreams are built around our present circumstances.

Our dreams are just as important if not more than Abraham Lincoln’s. What is even more important is our collective reality – which stems from our dreams for our desires and our fears. Goodness, justice, and a productive society are the dreams of youthful, wishful thinkers. Please tell me if I’m wrong.

There are people with dreams based in greed and power. Yes, too many people have dreams based in fear. Lord knows that mainstream news keeps pushing our fear buttons. What’s the latest fear? Terrorists? Guns? The Flu? I’ve lost track.

My dreams and beliefs are different than most; they are based in something other than fear – just as yours are. Personally, I’m not that worried about people with beliefs based in greed and power. I’m not too worried about people with beliefs based in fear.

The people I really and truly care about have beliefs and dreams based in love. goodness, justice, and productivity. For this reason, I care about organizations like Global Coherence Initiative and people like Gerald O’Donnell, the founder of Probable Future. You can see his latest New Year’s Message in this ebook entitled: Message from the One and Only.

Gerald O’Donnell tends to be long-winded. Supposedly, “The One” spoke through his lips several times since December 21st, 2012. When the “end” was supposed to happen according to the Mayan interpreters, The “beginning” is taking place according to the Godliness interpreter known as Gerald O’Donnell.

I’m sure most people will scoff at Message from the One and Only; these same people say we live in a “dog eat dog” world and that there’s no hope for sinful, old humanity. I’m not too worried about these people. I’m mainly concerned about what you believe.

Gerald might be referring to Yahweh-Shalom” (The Lord is Peace) in this message as well as the alternate spelling of Jerusalem. What really matters is that this is a prediction filled with goodness, justice, and productivity for humanity; this is a prediction based in love for humanity. Message from the One and Only is also a guide for the way we should face our reality, so this prediction can be true.

Please read Message from the One and Only carefully. Then tell me: What would you prefer? A prediction based in fear like a shooting attack or earthquake or hurricane or influenza strain coming to destroy us? Or a prediction based in love like “this is the real beginning of love and creation?”

Gerald is not the only one with a positive prediction for human society. 10 Top Predictions for 2013 also consists of all positive predictions for human society while being more straight forward. Please have a look at Prediction #1 if nothing else: POSITIVE TIMELINE – UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS – PARADISE PLANET – HEAVEN ON EARTH – 2013-2025.

Let’s get back to “Honest” Abe Lincoln for a moment: Lincoln’s dream of his own demise was self-centered and self-involved. In a way, it was egocentric. Wasn’t it? Please tell me if I’m wrong.

Ah-ha, I may be getting under your skin because I now tread upon your childhood hero. But how well do any of us really know Lincoln? Can we really depend upon mainstream school books to tell us the complete truth when there is a political agenda to be fulfilled?

Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe may give you an idea about the type of person Lincoln really was. I still recall the story told to me in grade school on “how Abe Lincoln walked 20 miles in the snow to return five cents” (along side the cherry tree story). According to the alternate facts, he’s the type of person I’m not too worried about.

I’m asking you to think with complete clarity when I tell you this: Shouldn’t a leader of a country be more worried about his people than himself? Shouldn’t a president of a free and democratic country be more concerned about how to protect freedom and democracy rather than worry about his own demise – or if he’s going to be elected to a second term?

Here we are 148 years later – and, politically, things haven’t changed much. I’m sure that 148 years from now, academic scholars will write further songs of praise of our current “conquering hero.” My prediction is their place in society 148 years from now will be more in the form of “court jesters.”

And Now for the Person I’m really Worried About

I’m worried about the dreams of a particular person; this person wants to have beliefs and dreams based in love and goodness, but this person has been pushed to the edge of a cliff because of all the fear mongering. Looking over the edge of the cliff, this person can’t help but be fearful.

This person, may have fringe fears based in drug-induced mind control, smart meters, HAARP, Montauk Project and more esoterica I probably never heard of yet. This person would be YOU.

I’m most worried about you because you understand the power of the human mind. Furthermore, you want control over your own mind, so you can influence your reality. But, before you influence your reality, you want control over your mind, so you can decrease the fear while increasing all the good qualities like bravery, courage, intelligence, love, etc. Please tell me if I’m right.

Please tell me if I’m right when I say you want a reality based upon good, productive dreams that find solutions to problems rather than simply predict a probable future based in a dark, fearful reality.

Too many people fulfill their collective reality of fear; they have precognition of evil, so they experience evil. Too many people are having their opinions shaped by mainstream media fear mongering which feeds this collective reality. You are one of the few who understand this – which is why you are of the greatest concern to me.

Of the tools that can help you influence your reality for the good, I can recommend Gerald O’Donnell’s Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Guided Meditation Courses. I have written reviews of each CD at this blog. All things relative, I would have to say it’s more important to remote influence.

Remote Viewing is the clairvoyance, precognition, or postcognition of an event or place irregardless of space/time barriers; this does not preclude remote viewing. We must be able to remote view something before we can remotely influence it.

More Importantly, the Probable Future Courses teach us how to protect ourselves against exogenous/cancerous energy attacks whether we are sleeping or awake.

The Probable Future Courses require great discipline. I believe you are one of the few who have that discipline.

Healing thoughts,


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