The Butterfly Effect vs How to protect your sanity in an insane world

How to Remove Life Negative Patterns using the Butterfly Effect provides us with methods to call upon our spiritual resources to place our life positive patterns into motion.

“The fall of reason: How to protect your sanity in an insane world and achieve spiritual victory in the process” is a different perspective for taking on problems in the world: Just look out for yourself and your loved ones and leave the zombies to their own devices.

That’s an idealistic approach. Yes, a lit fuse like the Trayvon Martin drama seems very far away for some of us, but there are other problems or realities which always encroach upon ours. For example, the ignominious actions of greedy health professionals can directly affect the health and well being of our entire families. Members of our own families can also become zombies by way of drugs, toxins, and fear-driven hype from mainstream news and even friends within their own social circles.

Our personal realities are detrimentally affected by evil people. We deal with the crux of our personal problems by way of shielding ourselves and our loved ones from evil first, then by dealing with the evil itself; this is the purpose of How to Remove Life Negative Patterns using the Butterfly Effect.

Let’s talk about Mike Adams’ first rule for a moment:

Stop wasting time trying to awaken the zombies

What if one or more of your friends / family is a zombie? Going back to How to Remove Life Negative Patterns using the Butterfly Effect, zombies suffer from at least three sins in the following order:

  1. Sloth
  2. Pride
  3. Wrath

They are sloths because they want to be thoughtless and mindless – although, they don’t pictures themselves that way. What’s interesting is that these zombies have pride in their thoughtless, mindless realities; they don’t want anyone telling them that their reality is bad or unhealthy in anyway. By the same token, zombies do not accept responsibility for their own actions or lack, thereof.

When another person comes along and attempts to wake them up from their thoughtless, mindless reality, even if they’re loved ones, they will take out their wrath in the form of violently “pointing fingers” and projecting their sins and red herrings upon you, me, or anyone else to help with their impunity. If any of this sounds like a sociopath to you, then you are correct.

Follow the method in How to Remove Life Negative Patterns using the Butterfly Effect.  Place those sinful faces of your loved one on that small brown serving platter. Launch the platter several times into your higher consciousness until you only see a good, thoughtful, life-positive person filling that picture in your mind, bigger than life. Bigger than life, in your mind, imagine your loved one as a clean, healthy person with good, life-positive habits. Imagine that person speaking with good intentions, even smelling good, and being productive they way they should.

Imagine an orange mist of protection around the ideal picture of your loved one with a further violet colored tinge around that mist. Then let it go. Let go of that thought. Let it pass like any other.

This method not only puts the problem in the Hands of God to solve. The solution to your zombie loved one is now being activated within your higher consciousness. The first impulses of your super-ego, that is, your higher intuition come into play upon activating these psychic keys. Instead of acting upon your lower impulses based in id and ego, you will act upon your conscience and empathy.

The rest of Mike Adams’ article is good – please follow it. More tips to come. Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

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