How Does Fantasy Become Reality?

With the light that burns
Auburn skies
All shines down on me
With heaven's answer
Open eyes reveal

The lessons learned along this way...

                        Jana Mashonee

Dear Gerald,

I want to share my experience with you concerning your remote influencing course. Although this is a personal subject for me, I believe it’s important for others to know what I have been through, so they know what to expect by following your guidance.

I was familiar with the earth energies of which you speak in the remote influencing meditations. Through the 1990’s, I had studied ley lines and transvection currents concerning monolithic science such as stone henge.

One design in particular captured my attention: It was a perfect, seven-sided polygon used in a stone henge design. The instructions based in sacred geometry were there for drawing a perfect seven-sided figure.

Upon examining the pattern, I noticed a directional pattern with an opportunity for extracting transvection points (energy currents), so I took a compass and drew them. Please see the pattern to the right.

The energy pattern is a familiar double helix.During my Judaic Studies around the same time, I found this passage in the Sefer Ketzirah:

Seven Doubles: BGD KPRT 
With them were engraved
 Seven Universes, seven firmaments,
 Seven lands, seven seas,
 seven rivers, seven deserts,
 seven days, seven weeks,
 seven years, seven sabbaticals
 seven jubilees,
  and the Holy Palace
Therefore, He made sevens beloved
 under all the Heavens.(1)

Skeptics would call this apophenia, but the synchronicity is unmistakable. The seventh level angel in the Shemhamphoresh according to Yehuda Berg in the 72 Names of God(2) represents the DNA of the Soul. There are also the seventh level dominions who represent the realization of the true self through opening DNA codes and mind patterns. Thereupon, I was convinced that this double helix pattern I had extracted represents those seventh level angels.

Is the DNA of the Soul part of the “essence” of which you speak? I’m not sure. I drew this pattern every where knowing it’s source, knowing what it represents. I also found myself doing every day things by the sevens; it became habit.

My favorite place where I actually cut the double helix pattern into an object is a double dulcimer. Of course, I wanted to make something special, so I spaced the frets according to natural microtonality – like an Indian Sitar; it’s as easy or as complicated to play as anyone likes. I finished this dulcimer somewhere in the early 1990’s.

double dulcimerAs you might know, the double dulcimer is meant for two people to play in harmony, so, yeah, I was thinking about that. I thought about the acoustic energy from this dulcimer how it would resonate with the DNA of the Soul. More importantly, I thought about what kind of partner I would need play it in perfect harmony.

After a few false starts with potential partners, I left the dulcimer behind for a while – because I figured that I was looking for a fantasy person. I decided to focus on other things like new age Native American Music. I also began writing a story to go with the songs. All the while, the energy of that double helix remained in my heart and in my mind.

2009, around the same time I was producing a few songs, I also started on the Probable Future Courses – for inspiration.

Of particular interest to me, Gerald, was the remote influencing course. I was familiar with the sun and earth energies of which you spoke during the guided meditation, so it was easy for me to visualize them.

However, I had never thought of merging with these energies until your guidance. Until your course, I would only observe from the outside. With your help, I could see from the perspective of the source, as part of The One.

Somehow, for some reason, I became dissatisfied with the progress of “The Wakaning” and “Wakanda Road.” I knew there was a perfect voice that should be there.

I left “The Wakaning” behind for other projects as I tried to imagine that perfect voice. I knew that voice was, somehow, related to that double helix energy that was in my mind.

I imagined how that energy would be attached to a face, a body, the way she would talk, move, think, feel. I imagined a voice that would, somehow, command the heavens. Then I let the idea go – because I knew it was just a fantasy – until now.

New Moon BornA few years later, at the beginning of July 2013, through a bit of synchronicity, a pair of eyes grabbed me from a stack of magazines; it was a Native American Catalog. On the cover was Jana Mashonee on her latest CD. I had never heard of her before. But I figured if she sounds as good as she looks…

I was floored. Veteran R&B falsettos from an American Indian? There’s something in her voice too. Something ineffable. I couldn’t tear myself away. At first I thought how my nephew would have loved her – because they would be closer in age. But, in a few days, I found myself becoming obsessed with Jana Mashonee.

I looked up videos, audios, articles, whatever I could find on her. Then I wondered how my mind could have been closed to this major recording artist since 1997…

The way she talks, the way she moves, the way she feels, the way she self indulges,.. and she commands the heavens with her voice:

Jana also occupies herself like a “dominion” with helping gifted kids achieve their full potential through Jana’s Kids.

For a few days, Gerald, I figured that something had snapped, that I was having some sort of “middle aged” crisis, therefore I was deluding myself. My “eyes” were shut to her for some reason? For so long until now? How?

Then I did a name analysis on Jana. I believe that analysis is too personal to share publically, so I have only shared it with you – and her – and whomever she shared it with.

Jana MashoneeJana is the loveliest person I can imagine. She loves to engage with her fans on social media. She has a great sense of humor. Anyone who laughs at my jokes needs a great sense of humor.

It turns out Jana and Stephan Galfas had already produced a New Age Native American music set back in 2006 with a companion book, Native American Story; the book’s main character has all kinds of psychic powers or “other” eyes. There are also “doorways” crossing space time barriers and time dialation. It was written for kids, but was very intriguing to me.

Native American Story also has “sevens” like a seven layer chocolate cake. I’ll leave the rest for other potential readers to find. Even more interesting is that her story ends at the Hudson River, whereas, that’s where mine begins.

Jana prefers to focus on her career and occasional small talk. So far, she has avoided my questions on psychic powers and “sevens.” She also has yet to reply to me on that name analysis, so I’m not going to push it.

Jana MashoneeI wanted to give Jana a laugh with a T-shirt design based on Raptor Ranch. I suggested a T-shirt contest of sorts. We chatted a bit. Later, she had me contact her producer, Stephan Galfas.

Stephan is a saavy veteran in the music / movie business – or quite possibly a superman considering he survived the Allman Brothers. I’m not sure if open and agreeable is what happens after decades in the music biz or if that’s what you need to spend decades in it. After more than ten years as Jana’s producer, I guess Stephan has been like a second father to her.

Gerald, what’s more interesting is that I want to be part of Jana’s Energy. Somehow, I feel more real helping her, doing things for her, making her happy.

What triggered my contacting you is yet one more thing that is making me question if I’m right in the head or not. A few weeks ago, Jana asked a question on why she likes movies about horses. I usually look in Stewart Swerdlow’s Healer’s Handbook for symbology representations. I couldn’t find “horse,” so I referred back to the Montauk Project’s derivation of horse from horology, “time travel.” Jana thought it was cool.

A few weeks later, yesterday, I looked in the list of dream symbols and found “horse:” feelings of trust and support. Of course, Stewart would say I’m nuts, but I happen to pride myself on my keen observation. Anyone who knows me knows this. Even Jana and Stephan who have known me for a short time recognize this. I swear, “horse” was NOT there before.

I don’t know what any of this means, Gerald. What kind of twilight zone I’ve stepped into, but I’m fine. There are stranger things in this world – I think. Then there are all those barriers between myself and Jana; they also cross my mind. How to break those barriers. I’m only human. So is she.

Gerald, I haven’t told you about all the synchronicities yet, but I believe you get the idea.

Jana would flip if she saw this. I don’t know if I want to tell her any of this, so I hope she busys herself with her career instead of looking into this super fan who’s crazy about her.

Thank you, Gerald, for helping me to open this vista. Clearly, the energy upon which a person remote influences is manifested given the time – and the obsession.

Healing Thoughts,

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P.S. Gerald, How do I know if someone is remote influencing me?

Activate Your Mind Powers, Remove Your Fears

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1 Sefer Yetzirah, The Book of Creation; p. 185; Chapter Four; Aryeh Kaplan; 1990
2 The 72 Names of God; p. 23; Yehuda Berg; 2003

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