When They Want to Suck the Life Out of You: Just Breathe

In response to the following article from the Socionomics Institute:

[Article] Society Has Passed a Historic Pinnacle of Health and Faces New Threats.

Here are a few excerpts that demonstrate how certain authoritarian figures and their scientific cretinism are sucking the life out of human society:

“..In fact, drug-resistant bacteria now account for 60% of the hospital-acquired infections in the US. In total, approximately 30 new diseases stalking the world today have brought us “to the brink of a global crisis in infectious diseases,” says a World Health Organization report. In light of this gigantic threat, consider that the latest “health care” bill passed by Congress criminalizes with draconian property seizures and prison sentences even minor paperwork infractions by doctors. This move accelerates the three-decade headlong rush by the US government to destroy the medical profession and force good doctors (and potential doctors) into other businesses…

“..The new national Affordable Care Act is going to make it worse, not better, he says. “We are going to have problems just like Massachusetts [which enacted its statewide health care insurance reform law in 2006. Massachusetts is] struggling with access problems; it takes one year to get into a primary care physician. Coverage does not equal access.” The Tallahassee Sun Sentinel summed it up last month: “Brace yourself for longer lines at the doctor’s office…””

The reason I trust The Socionomics Institute is that their stock market projections based in social mood have always been accurate. Their concepts of social mood based upon fractals in nature are accurate. “Society Has Passed a Historic Pinnacle of Health and Faces New Threats“was written long before the gov’t shutdown, yet they are accurate in how authority handles dissent. Unfortunately, their authoritarian methods are sucking the life out of us.

Gerald O’Donnell of Probable Future has similar revelations in a recent interview. Here are a few excerpts:

If you have recently tried to connect to the very High Levels of the One, you must be aware how tenuous that connection has become and how much thought infiltration and energy depletion so many of us are feeling lately. The dark “other side” is not operating by any basic rules of fair play and is throwing its full bag of thought hacking tricks in order to seductively lure, discourage, aggress, injure, or distract many, if not all, well-meaning souls and prevent the re-connection of the Prime Creator with Its Beloved Creatures.

This dark “other side” is obsessed with keeping us imprisoned and enslaved in this lower fear-based matrix where easy provision is always made for the controlling elite embracing its dark rebellious intent and it vampire-like Life energy sucking apparatus. It needs us as a power source, as it refuses to depend on Infinite Life energy provided by The One. It also believes in the hoarding of energy for power purposes, against the rule of True Higher Creation and Oneness.

You must keep the Holy desire of connection to Source alive in your hearts and minds at ALL times for it is your true and only real Lifeline. Even if the noise and energy pollution feels heavy, you must strive to keep that line of communication open and call upon it to manifest your energy shelter of protection as has been taught to you… (Excerpted from http://probablefuture.com/Am_I_my_brothers_keeper.htm#Interview10.10.13)

Quite simply, Gerald is referring to higher states of consciousness through meditation when “connecting to high levels of The One.” In his guided meditation course, you learn about “connection to Source,” but let me give you a mini course in keeping out the “noise and energy pollution.” Let me show you how to compensate for the energy sucking vampires all around us:

Just Breathe

Below is a simple breathing exercise which helps you keep your energy from being drained while you stay balanced and focused; this exercise is excerpted from Cleansing Breaths at Holylife, HealingMindN:

White light encompasses all colors representing the Christ light.

  • Visualize white light and the word ‘God’ entering your body as you breathe in slowly and deeply as possible through your nostrils.
  • Visualize the light and the word “God” spreading throughout your whole body.
  • Hold this breath of life for as long as comfortable. Then exhale slowly and completely, and hold for as long as comfortable. As you exhale, visualize the white light with either black specks, words, archetypes, shadows, or whatever form the negativity takes, exiting your body.

In the beginning you may see a lot of negativity leaving you in ways you have yet to imagine. This will diminish over time, so that only white light exits the body, symbolic of what is received is also given. Do as many breaths as necessary until the light is pure…

If you want to take this exercise a little further, substitute one of the actual Names of God rather than simply the word “God.” For example:

Ya(weh)-Hayyu: The Living. The Ever Living. The One Who knows all things, Whose strength is sufficient for everything…


Ya(weh)-Maliyyu: The Provider. The One Who gives Life and Health…

You might be asking: “How will this simple breathing exercise solve the problems caused by these energy vampires?”

I answer that with an excerpt from yet another article, “Intro to Chi Kung and Ha-Tha Yoga Breathing Exercises:”

In order to keep the brain functioning properly, you first have to provide it with plenty of oxygen. Modern science tells us that a brain cell needs more than ten times as much oxygen as any other cell in the body. That means that when there is an oxygen deficiency in your body, your brain will be the first organ to sense it, and you will feel dizzy. If the condition persists, the brain cells will be damaged before any other cells…

There is a facet of mainstream society upon which Socionomics Institute fails to focus: that is mainstream media, the source of “information” which shapes public opinion.

Mainstream media does a lot of fear mongering. Where there is fear mongering in mainstream media, there is shortness of breath in their audience, you and me.

When we have shortness of breath due to fear, we don’t breathe properly. When our source of life known as our breathe becomes distorted, our sense of reality becomes distorted, our love becomes distorted into hatred of life, our knowledge becomes distorted into pathological belief systems based in emotional securities. True science becomes distorted into scientific cretinism as showcased by Mike Adams: “Huge contradictions in ‘scientific’ thinking revealed: Theory of evolution in no way explains origins of life.”

Do you know how this site has articles on psychic powers and paranormal phenomena? I would prefer to focus upon raising the vibration of people around me. Focus upon human achievement. Look within ourselves as well as the stars for answers. Whereas, people raised on fear call it “woot,” then go on their way – thinking nothing more of humanity than souless “accidents” in a godless, unintelligent, accidental universe.

What do you prefer? Just breathe and find out. Perhaps, you will also feel what “ordinary” people cannot feel, sense what “ordinary” people cannot sense, and see and judge the future more clearly.

“Ordinary” is nothing more than a “grade on a curve,” isn’t it? Let’s try to be extra-ordinary. Just Breathe.

Healing Thoughts,

Activate Your Mind Powers, Remove Your Fears

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