How to Defeat Impulsive Behavior for Self Control through Christ

At a time in human society when social mood is declining because of fear mongering disease, terrorists, threat of famine, and home grown threats, one of the symptoms of declining social mood is impulsive behavior.

Impulsive behavior leads to mindless actions. For example, some people drive as if they are the only ones on the road. Others believe it’s OK to force a low quality system of health care on a people at a high price.

One of the problems is we, as a people, look to our authority figures as examples. When we watch them acting and talking impulsively, we believe it’s OK to do the same. Ironically, we wonder why our kids act so impulsively, because “We were raised good…”

When you talk and act impulsively, what impression do you believe you’re making on your kids?

An article at Medical Express provides information on mindful versus mindless behavior from a clinical study:

Mindful individuals less affected by immediate rewards

.Here are a few excerpts:

“These findings suggest that mindful individuals may be less affected by immediate rewards and fits well with the idea that mindful individuals are typically less impulsive” says Teper…

“Many studies, including our own past work, have shown that people who meditate, and mindful individuals exhibit improved self-control. If mindful individuals are also less affected by immediate rewards, as our study suggests, this may help explain why,” says Teper’s PhD supervisor and UTSC psychology professor Michael Inzlicht.

In the next post, you’re going to see where declining social mood is taking the health and well being of human society. For now, what is your choice? Do you want to have self control as a mindful person? Or do you prefer to be mindless about yourself and the rest of humanity? If you choose to be mindful, I recommend a Christ-Mind Pattern. Here is an excerpt from Unexplainable:

All human beings, regardless of race, culture, or geographic ethnicity, share a common denominator – and that is religion. History stood witness to how man evolved as from being savages to refined social beings capable of reason and logic. And despite all these changes that made us who we are right now, one thing remains unchanged and that’s our belief in a superior being. This Supreme Being goes by different names depending on where you are or whom you task, but collectively we refer to {the being} as God.

Religion and Utopia

In every religion, God is always at the center. Regardless of our faith, we all subscribe to the idea that to believe in God is achieve a state where everything is ideal. Religion is our guide to the divine. It is the path to achieving humanity’s utopian dream. Every religion serves as a guide for the human consciousness towards the path of divinity. God represents everything that we all want to achieve, and state of utopia is the closest thing we can achieve next to divinity.

Human Consciousness

Religion opens the doors towards a higher degree of human consciousness. It connects us with our God and allows us to share his vision of how life should be – a joyful, harmonious, and peaceful coexistence between human beings. The only way this utopian dream would come true is if we all achieve a higher state of consciousness through our faith. The question is how do we even begin?

Christ Consciousness

The human mind is not an island. Currents from Source (human culture), from the cosmic consciousness, and from Spirit run through us in thought streams (such as our dreams) guiding us to ascend into higher states, uplifting and improving our quality of life. This higher mindedness is called enlightenment, a “Christ” state of being.

Today, we offer you the opportunity to achieve this higher state of consciousness more quickly through our Christ Consciousness Brainwave Entrainment. This recording incorporates several aspects of human condition like patience, kindness, honesty, humility, forgiveness and inner peace – (all aspects of mindfulness). Listening to the recording allows you to develop a better understanding of yourself, which is the first step to achieving a higher state of consciousness.

The Christ Consciousness BWE conditions your mind using isochronic tones and binaural beats, which triggers a shift in consciousness. This shift in consciousness happens when we transcend our normal state of being awake, which is within the Beta frequency range. Our Christ Consciousness Recording is tuned to an exact Upper Beta Frequency that is designed to bring you into a state of harmony. Spiritual knowledge and Higher learning come naturally while in this state.

Human Evolution

The aspects of human condition mentioned earlier, which is also shared by religions around the world, will help you evolve into a better person. We’re talking about mental and emotional evolution contrary to physiological evolution.

In the state of higher consciousness, you achieve higher learning about the meaning of life, and where you communicate with the divine. As you evolve into a better person, you find it easy to incorporate the different aspects of human condition into your everyday life as well as into the lives of others.

Just imagine: if everyone would tap into the core concepts and teachings of {spiritual awareness} by achieving a higher state of consciousness, a state of utopia would not be impossible at all…

Please note that I replace religion with spiritual awareness wherever possible. I understand the concern some of you have about religious wars and “wars in the name of God.” The most impulsive opponents believe they both have God on their side in their obsessive / compulsive wars when, in fact, they only have beliefs based in fear leading to impulsive behavior. There is a time and place for everything, but we must recognize that impulsive behavior leads us down a life-negative path.

What do you choose? Mindlessness or Mindfulness?

In the next post, you will see how declining social mood has affected the health and well being of human society throughout the decades and what this means to our future. We will also return to the Christ Mind Pattern to find out how it can help you to be mindful in guiding your own future, so you can control your own life.

Thank you for your time.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,

P.S. If you prefer guided meditation to achieve higher realms of consciousness, please try the course from Probable Future.

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