How Your Christ Consciousness Conquers Disease Outbreaks

Veterans Day may be the best time to address the most deadly issues at hand in our country. After all, U.S. War Vets fought to keep this country safe. My father was a WWII Vet (He was pretty old when he got married). He told me about his tour in New Guinea, showed me his war wounds. He told me about the pain and suffering (in his tour of duty).

As a soldier, his only job was to kill the “enemy.” Isn’t that reasonable? Kill the “enemy.” What’s the problem with that? Part of the problem is that soldiers only know to kill the “enemy,” namely other soldiers fighting for who knows what.  In the USA, at least we know our veterans fought to protect our political freedoms.

But what about our health freedoms? What good is political freedom when there are further enemies threatening our bodies in other ways? Who is fighting to protect our health freedoms? Who is the enemy threatening our health freedoms? Here are two examples, big examples:

ABC: Fukushima 3 Exploded – Lies At Highest Levels – Plutonium Escaped

The Age of Antibiotics is Coming to an End, as Wider Variety of Bacteria are Now Impervious

At this moment, Ionizing radiation combined with antibiotic resistant super bugs are the biggest threats to our health and well being. These threats are fully recognized by our government agencies, but mainstream media fails to tell the public how to protect themselves – much less news of any of the above threats.

Do you believe it’s disrespectful to tell our Vietnam War Vets that they suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome when, in fact, they suffer from the effects of agent orange? Yes? I do too. The problem there are gov’t officials who are into denial. They don’t like to man up and admit how wrong they are.

Part of the problem is they also have the authority to deny mainstream coverage of certain stories – like the above ones that can cause public panic, if handled unwisely. Instead, they choose to remain silent about these threats to our health. Their motto: Let people die their slow, painful deaths “due to aging.”

It’s small wonder to me that my father didn’t have much respect for authority; he realized that gov’t officials were into denial long before me. Fortunately, I have a much bigger picture to show you.

The big picture I have studied shows that mainstream media DOES report epidemic diseases, but LONG AFTER the diseases have taken effect. No, this is not like the (bird, swine) flu – wherein a few cases turn up which never escalate to anything serious. Influenza is nothing compared to the above threats, that is, unless it gets mutated into something worse by the ionizing radiation and super bugs!

I have discussed psychoneuroimmunology, the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body in previous articles; The Socionomics Institute has studied how deadly disease outbreaks are lead by declining social mood (i.e. feelings and beliefs based in fear). Please see the graph below from the article:

[Article] A Socionomic Study of Epidemic Disease.

Social Mood and Epidemics

I know this graph looks weird to those of you uninitiated, but this is how the world works. The stock market follows our social mood. When we’re feeling good with beliefs based in love, the stock market goes up. When we’re feeling bad with beliefs based in fear, the stock market goes down.

At the lowest valley of declining social mood, we have major deadly disease outbreaks every few decades. What does the future hold?

Our present social mood is on a decline. In all likelihood, the next outbreak has something to do with ionizing radiation from Fukushima and antibiotic resistant bacteria. Only this time, it will be a world wide outbreak.

Why should I pull punches? The way the USA is being run today is pulling the feelings of the American Republic into a mighty cesspool. The USA is a joke to most countries now because of the last shutdown. We’re living in a joke that’s pulling us down because of a few authority figures who hold true to their denial.

Unless you break free from declining social mood, you will also be pulled down in the next outbreak. The best way to do that through your healing thoughts and intentions based in right brained mind patterns. Right brained mind patterns are spiritually oriented and help us express our feelings and ideas based in love; this is The Christ Mind.

The following exercise is based upon Christ Consciousness: Why You should be like Jesus. A Christ Mind is separate from a decadent social mood. A Christ Mind maintains balance, calm, and keen awareness of a situation:

The easiest way to enter the Christ Consciousness is by achieving a state of relaxation combined with a heightened awareness and appreciation of your mental processes. This is most easily done through the use of our Christ Consciousness Brain Wave Entrainment that processes the higher beta frequencies.

The following is an excellent clearing exercise that, if practiced regularly, will allow your aware entry into the Christ Consciousness. It may seem difficult at first, but over a short period of time, it will become quite easy.

  1. Sit comfortably but in an upright position. With your eyes open, become as fully aware as possible of everything around you, not only that which you see, but sounds that you hear, even the ticking of a clock, and the feeling of the material against your own skin (Mindfulness Meditation). Refer to HealingMindN Meditation to help you further relax.
  2. Raise your eyes to a 45-degree angle, and close your eyelids. Now, mentally go over the events of your life that you consider most significant. Begin to trace those events to the thoughts and imaginings or daydreams that brought them into being. Go as deeply as you can to find the source of those thoughts.
  3. Take full accountability for your responses to everyday encounters, may they be good or bad.
  4. Allow the emotion of love to well up inside you for these thoughts; even the ones that had negative consequences. Repeat over and over, “I send you love.” Every time you arrive at another thought or image, whether you see it as negative or positive, do the same. For extremely negative past events, you can say, “Even though I deeply regret that incident, I send love there to accept myself in the present because I have learned from these mistakes,” like an emotional freedom technique.
  5. Imagine those thoughts, which were the source of your experiences, surrounded by a healing light and Love of the Christ Consciousness (a bright white light with a violet halo).
  6. Have a sincere intent to commence this path and to put God or the Higher Being above all things in this world.
  7. Offer yourself forgiveness of your shortcomings and that of other people too.
  8. When you feel you have done all you can for one session, finish it by allowing the Healing Light and Love of the Christ Consciousness to permeate your entire being. (Bright white light with a violet halo)

Christ consciousness is the perpetual state of unconditional love always choosing love over fear. This is achieved by blending heart and mind in meditation and developing an inner sensitivity to be able to be ever vigilant to hold fast to the joyous inner communication with infinite consciousness and the child of the spirit…

Recall how psychoneuroimmunology works: A left brained thinker riding the wave of social mood will be part of the suffering when the time comes, but as a Christ Mind you can rise above it all. Remember to take your loved ones with you.

Healing Thoughts,

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