How to Eliminate Stress and be Happy for the Holidays

Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses important points concerning stress and anxiety in his article:

Anxiety in Your Brain: What Happens When Anxiety Attacks?.

I don’t hear much from the self improvement, personal growth gurus about the essential physical aspects of guarding against anxiety. Usually we hear about using affirmations, NLP, hypnosis, guided meditation, and other relaxation techniques if not anti-depressants or other drugs.

Besides emotional freedom techniques (an energy psychology modality), Dr. Mercola emphasizes:

  • Healthy Gut Flora
  • Regular Exercise
  • (NOT) Drugs

If there’s anything that most of us have time for, it’s the above three: Take probiotics and exercise regularly if you want to help yourself stay mentally healthy. Drugs eventually take us in the wrong direction, so please avoid them.

Please visit Dr. Mercola’s article for important solutions. Same as Dr. Mercola, I have also discussed in previous posts how our stomachs are like a “second brain” in terms of psychoneuroimmunology. Our gut bacteria suffers when we eat junk foods including processed meats. Considering the variety and quantity of foods of which we indulge during the Holidays, this is a good time of year for probiotics and vitamin C.

To make good use of the advanced mental discipline techniques, we have to be hobbyists. You have to want to make time to learn as a practitioner of EFT, hypnosis, NLP, etc. The alternative is to be guided as a patient. Of course, the spiritual affirmations are there for us every sunday at church, but how much good does one hour of church a week do?

I have a huge church in my neighborhood down the street from me. The congregation is absolutely huge. Every week, there’s stress for them trying to find a parking to get in, then there’s further stress during the traffic jam when trying to get out. As a result, every sunday there is an army of stressed people passing through my neighborhood every sunday. During the Holidays, it’s even worse (because of the Christmas Pageant).

It’s not that this congregation is especially stressed. Almost every where I go, I encounter anxious people frantically trying to get their Holiday Chores done.

One woman was mindlessly anxious and mentally stressed when she lost her iPhone last week. How do I know? She was so stressed that she used a wholesale inaccurate “witch hunting” GPS technology to point her finger at me. She even got the police to search my property – to no avail.

To my understanding, whatever real culprit had passed within 50 feet of my property with her iPhone; that’s all it took to implicate me. But she didn’t visit the Sprint Store that was closer to her that would have helped her pinpoint the location of her phone?

What really worries me are the mindless careless acts that people under anxiety and stress commit against others. I believe you know what I’m talking about. Is Stress or Anxiety something we want to pair with Christmas Time or any other Holiday? Really?

Gerald O’Donnell, in his most recent interview, “Am I my Brother’s Keeper, part 2,” said that stress and anxiety lower our consciousness and, subsequently, our behavior patterns. I have to agree with him. When we get trapped in our tiny reality bubble filled with whatever fear, guilt, anxiety, and stress, we tend to treat the world the same way we feel. When we’re mindless and careless towards others, that behavior comes back at us ten fold.

When we see the world from a lower consciousness, we couldn’t care less about how to truly advance humanity; we become too accepting of life negative behaviors while deriding true advances in science and personal development. Human society should be much further up the evolutionary chain, but it’s not.

Technology and consciousness go hand in hand as I discussed at How to Give the Gift of Eternal Youth for Christmas. For example, too much of our energy technology is life negative working against nature, but most people in “modern day, civilized” society believe carbon burning, land despoiling, polluting technology is the best way; this is part of the problem of lower consciousness besides fear based stress and anxiety.

I have recommended brainwave entrainment for all different kinds of maladies. As you know, I offer my own albums for encouraging sleep, decreasing chronic ailments including pain. Except for HealingMindN Meditation, I have yet to put out my own guided meditation program.

However, if I did, and you were a hobbyist who makes time for personal development, then I would have put out a guided meditation program similar to Gerald’s from Probable Future – because it includes brainwave entrainment. You can find my reviews of his course throughout this blog. What’s interesting about his remote influencing course is that you can skip around. Find a title that interests you. Then play it – as many times as you want.

Does it work? Well, I have experienced interesting synchronicities lately. I have mentioned a few specifics at this blog. Like any discipline, you have to keep it up. Let me tell you, it is difficult when we get into a world with so many people trying to piss us off, but with the discipline, we take on a new power and things get easier.

Why No One Wins the Blame Game” explains how it’s actually easier for us to take on responsibility rather than point our finger at others when things go wrong. We actually empower ourselves when we’re willing to take responsibility for the world around us going wrong – even when we know we’re not responsible. The responsibility adds to your resume, curriculum vitae, and life achievements

Even victims of circumstance can empower themselves by accepting responsibility for whatever comes along. This is the essence of remote influencing:  You have the confidence and knowledge that everything will turn out right for you and and your loved ones in the end…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Healing Thoughts,


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