What is World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day – Presented by WASM the World Association of Sleep Medicine

world sleep dayWorld Sleep Day occurs every 14 March which began in 2008. According to Wikipedia:

The World Sleep Day is an annual event organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) since 2008. It is aimed to celebrate the benefits of good and healthy sleep and to draw society attention to the burden of sleep problems and their medicine, education and social aspects; to promote sleep disorders prevention and management.

Through the World Sleep Day the WASM tries to raise awareness of sleep disorders and their better understanding and preventability, and to reduce the burden of sleep problems on society that constitute a global epidemic and threaten health and quality of life for as much as 45% of the world’s population…

According to research by Dr. Joseph Mercola, poor sleep patterns can lead to chronic ailments. One of his articles, Research Again Confirms Links Between Poor Sleep, Weight Gain, and Cancer indicates world wide chronic sleep disturbances and provides suggestions for maintaining healthy sleep patterns.
Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
If you believe that you are suffering from poor sleep patterns leading to further chronic ailments, then please look into brainwave entrainment tools: Unexplainable Store has a 30% discount on their sleep products until March 17th. Please have a look at the Brainwave Science Page.

Healing thoughts, Healthy Sleep,

P.S. With the way the world is going with a further missing plane in Malaysia, the situation in Ukraine, and unknown nuclear fallout from Fukushima and New Mexico, we need all the sleep we can get.

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