Why Are We Ignoring the Anomalous Data around Malaysian Flight MH370?

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This is a continuation from a previous post on Malaysian Flight 370: What is a “De-Manifestation?” and from Exactly Where Did it “Disappear?”

Gerald O’Donnell, founder of Probable Future, made an announcement in his most recent interview that Malaysian Flight MH370 was “de-manifested.” I will provide you with the gist of that in a moment.

Inverted Pyramids

Allow me to reference the present data in relation to this article: Sometime last week, March 12 or 13, Chinese Officials believed that their satellites had spotted the plane wreckage of Flight 370 in the South China Sea. Shortly after that, Malaysian Officials were quick to point out that the flight was hijacked wherein the pilot was an accomplice to the hijacking because the “transponders were turned off.”

Yesterday, there were announcements all over the mainstream news by the Malaysian Prime Minister that Flight MH370 has crashed into the Indian Ocean.

The problem with this announcement is that it is also jumping to conclusions based upon limited data like all the other announcements based upon limited data. Here’s a quote from the Washington Post Article, “Malaysian prime minister says Flight MH370 ‘ended in the southern Indian Ocean:”

Chris McLaughlin, a senior vice president of Inmarsat, said it appears “inevitable” that the plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean although he could not conclude that “definitively.” The new information provided to the Malaysians is based on “very limited data,..”

Is Gerald’s “De-Manifestation” Announcement also an Inverted Pyramid?

Gerald O’Donnell is a human being, just like you and I. Although he is far more disciplined in remote viewing and remote influencing, I question how accurate he is within his interpretation of what happened to Flight MH370.

“De-manifestation” according to Gerald is when the Creator or “Oneness” as he likes to say stops thinking about something. When the Creator stops thinking about about something, it “de-vibrates” and ceases to exist. Allegedly, this plane was going to be used for a more heinous activity than 9-11 until it was “de-vibrated.”

“De-vibrate” I understand. Everything in existence has a zero point energy at the quantum vacuum level wherein there is a well defined vibration. If there’s no vibration, then it doesn’t exist in the physical universe.

Gerald also claims that our minds are a living extension of the Creator’s Mind, ergo, we are all part of the “Oneness” or “Oneneness,” however he likes to call it. (“Oneness” is not defined in the interview.)

I also ascribe to the theories of the universal holographic paradigm: Each of us are a piece of a universal hologram wherein each piece contains the same information as the whole; this is what makes remote viewing possible.

However, being that we are trapped in a human culture with little regard for psychic powers and other paranormal phenomena, there is no formal training for accuracy. Psychic experts like Gerald O’Donnell, Dean Radin, Dr. William Tiller, the list goes on, must cope with deriding skeptics every day – the same skeptics who prefer to believe that humanity is nothing but accidental “meat sacks” in an accidental universe – while denying all proof of scientifically studied psychic phenomena no matter how well controlled the experiment.

Psychic experts must constantly contend with limited viewpoints of existence – even from people who “want to believe.” When I say limited viewpoint of existence, I mean a point of view only interested in political, moral, or other issues concerning our present culture and technology on this planet.

Limited points of view can rub off upon anyone. No one is immune; it’s like working as an orderly in a mental institution. We are all subject to “waves” of social mood, no matter how illogical or irrational.

Unfortunately, when Gerald says that Flight MH370 was “de-manifested,” it doesn’t make sense – not to me. If the Creator stops thinking about something, then we, extensions of the Creator’s Mind, should also stop thinking about that same thing. We shouldn’t remember it at all.

Although most of us in the world have never seen Malaysian Flight MH370, it still exists as a vibration on the order of a 777 filled with 239 passengers in our minds. Even if the airliner was blown into infinitesimal pieces, it still exists in our minds because there is still a vibration. Ergo, Flight MH370 was NOT “de-vibrated.”

I’m sorry, Gerald, but you’re wrong on this one. I’m sure you have simply misinterpreted what happened – because you are also suffering from a limited point of view that does not take all the available data into account.

If Flight MH370 was “de-manifested” why would officials say that engines were detected running for seven hours after it disappeared from radar?

Mainstream News and Gov’t Officials May be Feeding Us “Red Herrings”

There are too many suppositions and allegations being thrown at us – like the above seven hour red herring: “Flight MH370 crashed in the China Sea,” “No, it was hijacked and the pilot was complicit,” “No, it crashed into the Indian Ocean…” ad infinitum.

Meanwhile, I believe that gov’t officials know exactly what happened. Boats and planes have gone missing for decades – especially when reaching certain places like the Bermuda Triangle or the Dragon’s Triangle. I am referring back to the post, What is a “De-Manifestation?”

The deeper we get into the communication age, the more “official” red herrings we get; it’s like a magician’s trick: They are misdirecting our attention from something else that’s happening (e.g. pointing fingers at troubles in Crimea from a troubled nation).

What Does the Satellite Data Tell Us?

At first, I looked up Inmarsat Data. Then I discovered that weather satellites are far more resolute in focusing upon objects above the earth’s atmosphere – when zoomed out with enough resolution.

For example, I looked up the NOAA Satellite Data over the China Sea and found this NOAA site with regular updates.

If you examine the area above Malaysia where that 777 disappeared, you can see that part of the ocean remains relatively calm; it’s almost a doldrums.

Please examine the earth grid map below. Specifically, please have a look at point 25 on this grid; this is the doldrums area you see at the NOAA site just above Malaysia, the same area where Malaysia Flight MH370 disappeared (view the image on it’s own with a right click):

earth grid points

Unfortunately, there’s a sort of satellite blackout concerning our (U.S.) weather satellite ability to focus upon objects above the earth’s atmosphere. When they do, they tend to catch UFOs, something that most gov’ts do not want us to know about. Here’s an example at Aliens and Satellites.

Supposedly, allegedly, there are also boats and planes that have been launched from major earth grid points and floating around in space – something else our governments do not want us to know.

Allegedly, there have been space missions including the ISS which salvage these derelict boats and planes including the unfortunate victims. When you get a chance, please ask the older astronauts about that. On a side note, the ISS will be blacking out their video transmission for an whatever reason. Here are possibilities presented in the following video:

BTW: There was also an interesting UFO encounter with the ISS on March 17, 2014 (i.e. not the only encounter):

What force could be at work concerning the disappearance of Flight MH370?

From my previous post, I contend that 777 was launched from a diamagnetic vortex point in the Dragon’s Triangle into space (i.e. above the earth’s atmosphere).

Here is a short definition of diamagnetic levitation from physorg:

“In order to magnetically levitate, an object’s total magnetic force must not only be repulsive, but the repulsion must also be stronger than the force of gravity. The height at which a diamagnetic material levitates can be controlled by two factors: the applied magnetic field and the material’s own diamagnetic properties…”

My contention is that Grid Point 25 (in the South China Sea) has the diamagnetic force to launch (not levitate) objects at terminal velocity into space.

Grid Point 14 just below Japan is at the epicenter of the Dragon’s Triangle (AKA The Devil’s Sea), whereas, Grid Points 25 and 29 may be part of that triangle.

Grid Point 18 in the Atlantic, I’m sure you recognize as the “Bermuda Triangle,” but Grid Points 33 and 37 may also be part of that triangle.

Whereas there are six lines of force going into Grid Points 25, 29, 33, and 37, there are ten lines of force going into Grid Points 14 and 18.

What happens when there are ten lines of diamagnetic force at a geophysical vortex point? Let’s examine the video again, Radar Playback of the Moment Malaysia Flight 370 Vanished!

The narrator points out an airliner or jet suddenly take off at mach 10, then, somehow, it comes to a complete halt in mid-air in the area of Grid Point 14. We have no known technology that can accomplish this kind of aerial maneuver; that aircraft would need to be able to generate its own gravity to pull off that stunt – or – get trapped within a gravitational force field.

If you notice yet another airliner heading towards Grid Point 14 “vanishes” at 2:29 in the video. For some reason, the narrator fails to point this out.

Please keep in mind that this is not just a cartoon simulation of what happened; this is secondary radar data. That is, the Inmarsat Satellite assumes positions according to transponder data.

The first assumption of Malaysian Officials is that the pilot of Flight MH370 was complicit with a hijacking by turning off the transponder. OK, what about the anomalous transponder data from those other two airliners?

Why are there no government officials questioning this other anomalous data?

What happened to that airliner that disappeared at 2:29 on the video? Why is no one questioning this?

What happened to that airliner that lunged forward at mach 10, then came to a stand still? Why is no one questioning this?

Our attention is being misdirected to only one missing 777 full of passengers while much more happened on that day. I believe our governments know what happened – which is why they are misdirecting our attention.

If there was a plane “de-manifested” on that day, then it would be that plane which disappeared at 2:29 in the video. Grid Point 14 in the Dragon’s Triangle would have the power to do that – to suck objects out of existence; it would seem that everyone has forgotten about that flight. I can’t find it.

Why this presentation on HealingMindN Power Circle?

Our present energy technology is in the dark ages. Life on this planet suffers the “slings and arrows” of oil cartels despoiling and polluting the oceans. We suffer even further because of nuclear fallout from Fukushima and New Mexico on top of all the other legalized, gov’t sanctioned poisons.

The human spirit goes hand in hand with technology. Actually, it’s a recursive algorithm. Technology goes forward when the human spirit goes forward and vice versa. As the Socionomic Experts tell us, the waves of our social mood predict major events and turning of the tides in technology, economy, lifestyle, etc.

Imagine an advanced human society wherein we harness the natural energies on this planet – without despoiling or polluting – in a sustainable way.

Imagine that we are able to harness the diamagnetic energy at these geophysical grid points for energy production or space travel. Imagine regular trips into outer space in discoid aircraft – for the same price or cheaper than traveling within the state?

As for Grid Points like 14 and 18, those might serve as hyperspace gateways to who knows where?

The oil and nuke cartels are the ones to gain by keeping our consciousness down to the ground, locking us into their dark age technologies – locking us into trivial pursuit, telling us where to point our fingers when there’s trouble.

Follow the money trail: Who would lose if humanity learned to harness the sustainable, natural energies provided by geophysical grid points (placed there by our Creator)?

Who would win by looking forward to a clean, healthy world and – quite possibly – traveling to distant worlds to establish humanity as denizens of the galaxy rather than a sad, tiny drop in the ocean of the universe?

Gerald was right when he said we have to go forward as a society. No one individual to do this. All I can do is light your flame, so you can carry it to others.

Please stay tuned for the next post on this subject which helps you understand anti-gravity and the world grid.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

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Connect to the Universal Mind

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