Fountain of Youth, part 3: Self Actualization

In this third and final installment of Jim McElwee’s dissertation on Fountain of Youth, I expand upon his treatise on the subject and the previous two parts. As some of you might know, Jim is like the “Rudolph Steiner” of brainwave entrainment which makes his dissertations insightful. When I elaborate upon any works, I like […]

Fountain of Youth, part 2: Tricks for Feeling Young

Jim McElwee’s second installment on the Fountain of Youth gives us a better idea of how to achieve a new beginning. After Jim provides his dissertation on the subject of staying active and getting support from your social circle, I’m going to elaborate with a few secrets on how others maintain their social “atmosphere” of […]

Fountain Of Youth, part 1: Involution

Normally, I’m all praises for Jim McElwee’s thoughtful treatments on brainwave entrainment and this is no exception. However, I feel that I must elaborate on a few of his colorful assertions on maintaining our youth. When I say colorful, I mean that any individual interpretation under the rainbow can be applied to that statement. Jim […]

Begin 2012 by Shifting the World with Your Conscience

GCI January 2012 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus Welcome to the Global Coherence Initiative’s January 9, 2012 full moon (07:30 UTC) synchronized Care Focus. In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen 4 a.m., 12:00 p.m. (noon), and 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time ( GMT/UTC minus 8 hours ) when GCI […]

Amazing End of Year Brainwave Entrainment Give Away

Unexplainable Store is giving EVERYONE a 15 minute recording from our Solfeggio Collection! Download UT Isochronic Below: P.S. If you like this one, you will LOVE the Solfeggio Collection! MP3 Link-  Zip Link-   Grab Unexplainable‘s Amazing End of Year Discount! Get their coupon codes at Brain Wave Science: Introduction to Psychoneurophysiology HAPPY […]

How to take this Relaxing Labor Day With You

Jim McElwee at The Unexplainable Store provides us with an amazing digital drug  that all of us can download. This brainwave entrainment is called Eternal Peace. It is 20 minutes long and a nice ride that takes you from Beta, through Alpha, Through Theta, Dips into Delta, then progresses back up to Beta. Imagine being […]

Unexplainable Weight Loss towards Your Balance and Health

With obesity at an all time high, especially in the United States, we must take all issues into consideration. We have to step back and look at the big picture. The following guest article by Jim McElwee provides us with easy, less traveled alternatives to the usual diet pills and liposuction, but he does not […]

How Depression is Linked to Inflammation

Some depression might have roots in immune-generated inflammation By Katherine Harmon Oct 28, 2010 (excerpted from Scientific American) NEW YORK—The immune system works hard to keep us well physically, but might it also be partly to blame for some mental illnesses? “The immune system may play a significant role in the development of depression,” Andrew […]

Who and What are sensitive to Pre-Seismic Earthquakes and other Disasters?

In my last discussion on remote influencing, I mentioned how we can all apply our abilities to a common cause through the Global Coherence Initiative application on the web. Annette Deyhle, Ph.D. and the GCI Research Team have a very interesting study concerning presentience of major events, mainly disasters. They sent their findings to their […]

Methods and Patterns for Peaceful, Restful Sleep

How to Maintain Health and Well Being through Sleep

You know me. I like to discuss all kinds of esoterica, especially what happens when we sleep, but then I’ll bypass the most basic tenets of health and well being under the assumption that you know the most basic things already. A majority of people have trouble with sleep and I want to address this […]