20 Smartest Things Jeff Bezos Has Ever Said

As I’m writing this, I am trying to figure out why I’m not good buddies with Jeff Bezos after reading The 20 Smartest Things Jeff Bezos Has Ever Said; this is the concatenated business bible that everyone should follow – one way or another. Here are a few of my favs: 1.”All businesses need to […]

How do You Vote? By Your Caucus or Your Conscience? part 1

Let’s talk about our every day lifestyles rather than a general political election for the moment. Did you know that every decision you make counts as a vote? Every direction you take is a vote for THAT direction. The type of soap you use, the type of food you eat, the type of clothes you […]

How to Find HAPPINESS and Believe in Love Again

Can a Movie Inspire You to Live a Better Life, Find Happiness, and Believe in Love Again? You bet! Spiritual Cinema Circle brings you 4 touching films that address the how-to of happiness: discover your CALLING, follow your higher PURPOSE, and claim your true LOVE! START MY FREE TRIAL In this DVD of inspirational films, […]

How to Practice Bravery, Courage, and Wisdom

A key moment in the life of legendary “Simpsons” writer George Meyer occurred at Fox one day when Matt Groening invited Meyer to have lunch with him and the artist R. Crumb, whose work Meyer loves. Crumb carries a sketchbook at all times, and he let Meyer look through it. ‘When I gave it back […]

How to Inspire Your Heart’s Desire through Film

Bob Proctor, one of the world’s living masters on achievement – you know him as one of the stars of The Secret – dropped out of high school just two months after he started. Poor, uneducated and unmotivated, Bob worked as a fireman, barely getting by. “I was unhappy, sick and broke,” he explains. During […]

GO’D on Personal Issues, World Issues, and Social Mood

Gerald O’Donnell of ARVARI has invited us to a teleseminar in regards to current world issues. He will address social mood, certain personal problems we may be having because of negative events happening around us, and what we can do about it: I’m glad you’re reading this because this upcoming teleseminar (aka telephone seminar) is […]

Foundation of Success: Self Confidence, part 1 of 4

ImTranslator.com There are certain basic foundations of character that I do not cover at my site. One of them is self confidence. We need self confidence to trust our instincts, our intuition, and, of course, our psychic powers. We all must take those necessary steps, no matter how small, in order to bolster and strengthen […]

“The End of the Beginning of the End” on the Gulf Disaster

Gerald O’Donnell has provided us with a few thoughts concerning the Gulf oil spill at “Beginning of the end or the End of Our Beginning?” Gerald is the designer of the ARVARI Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Courses: Hello Dear friend, I wish I could just send you beautiful cotton-candy fluffed news. Sometimes, reality calls […]