How to Have Better Romance thru Spiritual Growth

This month’s feature film, PLAY THE GAME is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a self-described ladies’ man, who shares his dating tricks with his heartbroken widowed grandfather. Grandpa gets mixed up in a love triangle, while the grandson strikes out with the girl of his dreams. Will these would-be Don Juans discover […]

Positive Attitudes, Remote Influencing and the Law of Attraction

This month, Spiritual Cinema Circle is proud to present the feature film SMILE along with three truly phenomenal short films.     Beau Bridges, Linda Hamilton, Sean Astin and Saturday Night Live’s Cheri Oteri star in SMILE… a story about two girls, born on the same day, who lead very different lives. Katie is a […]

Why Do You Want Control Over the Life of Others?

A funny thing happened to me while I was listening to the extended remote viewing in theta disc, the bonus within the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course package. I thought that got up and went about my regular business. In fact, I “got up” in my mind and dreamed that I was interviewing people about what […]

Learning Tool Parable for Education: Humility

Although I’ve been through the CD3 session of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course, I’ve chosen to delay my review of it because of several inclemencies I’ve experienced during and after the sessions. The whole idea of remote viewing is strange enough to most people. It’s just too “out there” and of course it’s a joke […]

Honest, Selfless, Loving, Caring = Meaning of Life?

It’s been said that the best things in life are free – although in our hyper-consumptive culture, you’d be hard-pressed to find many people who would agree with you.   Our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle recently found a beautiful feature film entitled Amal. It’s a modern-day parable that tells the story of a man […]

How Corporate Etiquette Affects Consumers: Kaizen

Wednesday of this week, I had the dubious distinction of witnessing a deposition panel on a federal lawsuit. This lawsuit involves one of the biggest companies in the world versus another company that threatened it’s market share. I’m not allowed to say who these companies are because I signed a confidentiality agreement. But I will […]

Love Outside Your Comfort Zone vs. the Comfort of Death?

Imagine the following: You are a single, thirty-something professional…and you discover you have a very serious, life-threatening case of leukemia even though you are symptom-free. The next day you meet the love of your life at a nightclub and begin a relationship, knowing you haven’t long to live.     At what point, do you […]

Do You Believe in Ghosts and Spirits?

The purpose of OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States is to increase your psychic awareness of spiritual entities. A question I’ve been getting is “why would I want to increase my awareness of ghosts and spirits? Wouldn’t that make me crazy? Sensing ghosts and spirits like some kind of weird psychic medium?” Let me ask you: What […]