Holy Life, HealingMindN

Here we discuss spiritual enlightenment and how to achieve spiritual healing through prayer, meditation, and higher states of consciousness.

Holy Life, HealingMindN is not only a spin off from Economic HealingMindN; it’s also under gone a number of transitions throughout the years as I changed URLs: There was also Cleansing the Soul and Spirit World while the content grew out of my own interests in Holy Scripture as it applies to world issues.

Although there are only a few prayers at Holy Life, HealingMindN in comparison to actually going to church and experiencing the whole liturgy. I believe what’s important is knowing a few key prayers by heart; it’s kind of like the martial arts, when you become an expert at a few key moves, you can probably defend yourself better than someone who tries to learn everything.

I’m pretty sure that the same concept applies to Holy Scripture; in opposition to the head knowledge where people try to be academic “theologists,” what really counts is the heart knowledge those key ideas provide to you in life.

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