Healing Mind Control

Here we discuss psychoenergetics, psychotronics, psionics, extrasensory perception, meditation, neuroscience, and any esoterica concerning the mind’s potential.

Bio: Randolph Fabian Directo

Of particular interest to Randolph, among the works of Wilhelm Reich bioenergetic functional therapy, was Reich’s discoveries and postulations on primordial cosmic (orgone) energy.

Since an early age, his interests branched into internal martial arts and chi kung meditation because of the bioenergy or “chi” relationship to cosmic energy and the “grand ultimate” nature of the mind – especially the works of Yang Jwing Ming. Although He completed a degree in mainstream physics, his esoteric interests were in the Buddhist and Vedic Arts of Mandala Meditation for healing and spiritual advancement.

His quest led him through healing pathways, whereupon, he discovered the works of Doctors Albert Abrahms and Ruth Drown for understanding the “resonant” nature of the universe. Their works led him to advanced discoveries in bioresonant healing technology by Doctors Royal Raymond Rife, Hulda Clark, and similar.

More importantly, when learning the basis of Dr. Drown’s radionic circuits for tuning into the living body and the attached subtle energies, he developed an interest for the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life.

Strangely enough, Randolph’s Judaic Studies in the Kabbalah is what truely began his interest in mandalas. He learned that the 232 paths of Sefir Ketzirah represent neural pathways, focused methods of meditation on hyperspace, our relationship to the spiritual realms and alternate realities.

From there, he practiced transcendental meditation, Golden Dawn Methods, Jose Silva Methods of Assumption, Dr. Samuel Sagan’s Third Eye Clairvision, and Tridaya Tenaga Dalam, the chi kung meditation attached to the Indonesian Art of Pencak Silat.

He studied psychoenergetic engineering concepts including concepts by Dr. William Tiller in his chakra meditation method of the Lord’s Prayer, the phase conjugate resonance concept of Dr. Edgar Mitchell within the quantum holographic computer we know as the mind, the quantum dynamic concepts of the ubiquitous microtubules as researched by Doctors Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff as the explanation for all human paranormal phenomena, and the philosopher’s stone concept by David Hudson including its production production quantum microtubules.

Gregg Braden’s research in DNA as an intelligent network that can be remotely affected through feelings, Gary Craig’s work in remote EFT (an energy psychology), and remote energy healing methods by Stewart Swerdlow justified all of Randolph’s research, thus proving that we can change our reality through proper meditation methods.

Throughout his life, Randolph has meticulously drawn a curious mandala, but one thing is for sure: He derives his greatest joy in helping others discover their own living mandala and becoming one with it. Through helping people achieve their heart’s desire, he achieves his own heart’s desire.

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