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Here we discuss the root of our creation, the sexual function, wherein we learn a more disciplined and passionate approach to keeping our partners healthy, happy, and satisfied. Heal the world through sexually healing attitudes.

The site at Sexual HealingMindN grew out of my interest in Taoist Sexology. Like Tantric Sexology and the Kama Sutra, the basic underlying concept is that people can achieve higher states of consciousness through the sex act.

This concept is in direct opposition to the decadent mainstream perspective of sexuality which regards the sex act as taboo. Unfortunately, the mainstream perspective is correct in all respects in regards to sexual abberations and the satanic treatment of ancient religious rituals that involved the sex act.

You must have a universal perspective rather than a cultural perspective of yourself to understand your true nature: You are a living, sentient part of the universe. We are male and female to fulfill the universal function of convergence. Throughout the universe, all things converge: energy, matter, space, time to create something more spectacular than the separate existence of these things.

Since we are sentient, living beings in a universal holographic paradigm, we are also aspects of the One Universal Mind. We each carry the same information as the rest of the universe because we are each living aspects of the Universal, Holographic Mind.

When we converge, as in giving love to each other during sex, our minds converge and are, therefore, closer to the Mind of God. Our consciousness is raised by the Power of God flowing through us.

Through your intention of healing through sexuality, you become a Sexual HealingMindN.

Read some FAQs on Taoist Sexology:

Hello, I’m a 24 year old health/fitness fanatic. I eat all natural/organic foods only, exercise daily, practice energy work ect.. Anything to do with health, I’m more than likely into it. My questions are below, thanks in advance for answering.

1. My first question is regarding holdbacks, from the Tao of sexology book. I’ve been using the deer exercise, holdbacks and other exercises from Steven T Chang books for a couple years now. I mainly use the deer exercise and occasionally the holdbacks. My first question is what are the differences between the deer exercise and holdbacks??? Which one is better and do they both provide similar or the same benefits???

I’m guessing that you don’t have Taoist Sexology by Stephen Chang or else you would know the answer. The answer is in the book, but I will try to summarize: Holdbacks and Deer Exercise go together. You can’t have one without the other.

The Deer Exercise trains us to do proper holdbacks. Holdbacks are successful only by training with the Deer Exercise. The same is true for internal martial arts: We cannot have Taijiquan w/o the Taiji QiGong exercises to train the internal energy.

2. I use the deer exercise and holdbacks for health/vitality, it helps a lot with bodbuilding and overall health. I recently started to urinate in a glass after doing holdbacks to test if any semnn entered the bladder. I have very strong anal contractions and I have been using tese methods for a while. I do not see any semen leakage after doing holdbacks but when I urinate in a cup…. after 1-2 hours I can see a very small amount of semen float to the bottom. I learned of this test method from the book. My question is how come there is semen in the glass?? I know im doing the holdback properly but there always seems to be a little semen in the urine. Also I know your very experienced in these methods and probably know others who are experiened as well. Can you please conduct the test I did and ask others who are experienced to do ths test also. Use the holdback, then urinate in a cup to test to see if any semen is in the cup. Please let me know of the results. Im not an expert and would like to get your expert feedback to make sure that its just not me who is getting semen in the glass.

If you had the book, you would read on page 76 that young, athletic types like yourself have very sensitive nerves and prostates. It is understandable that these exercises are difficult for you to be completely successful because you don’t need it. You’re already full of health and vigor; there’s only so much essence that your body can use. If you don’t have a regular sexual partner, it makes even more sense.

More importantly, these exercises are reserved for couples who have regular sexual relations. As you know, the man gives up a lot of energy to the woman during release. Most women are only taken to the 4th level of orgasm, so the man’s release is too soon for them. Enter Taoist Sexology to prolong the stamina and longevity of the man, so he can take his partner to the 9th level and make her healthy, happy, and satisfied.

3. There are other methods for “injaculations” out there and 1 “expert” says that the million $ point as well as the holdbacks from Steven Changs book are incorrect and are “failure” methods. He has his own methods called anal breathing and sexual chik kong breathing. is his site. Why are there disagreements over which methods are correct and how do I find out the truth to what methods are the correct ones.

There’s no disagreement. The anal breathing and sexual qigong are part of the Deer Exercise.

There are Chinese who just plain hate on each other at times for no particular reason, so they go looking for reasons to hate each other including any little disagreement.

There are Yang Taijiquan schools that have “disagreements” because they position their hands and focus slightly differently. They all have the same result in the end, so there’s nothing to argue about.

4. The holdbacks are great but if Im losing semen/essence by doing them than id wrather avoid. Are there any other methods to prolong intercourse other than the holdbacks???

I’m not sure if you have the book. Here’s a link to it: According to the book, this is a partnership between man and woman. Both of you should be following this book. The woman is supposed to be helping you achieve those holdbacks through her own exercises. If only one of you is following this book, then it’s not worth much.

Beyond prolonging intercourse, Taoist Sexology is used for healing your partner of ailments. Beyond the pleasure of the sexual function, your love and devotion to each other to take each other to greater heights of happiness and spirituality is the goal.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a regular sexual partner, I suppose you could try herbs:

5. Do you reccomend any other books for learing about Taoist sexual methods.

Here’s a book by Yang Jwing-Ming, Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Chi Kung: The Secret of Youth: These are not Taoist sexology methods. The methods contained were developed by Da Mo Sardhili for the Shaolin Priests. The ultimate goal is youth, energy, stamina, and the higher goal of developing a “Baby Buddha” for your enlightenment.

The exercises are much tougher than the Deer Exercises, take amazing amounts of time, but if you stop in the middle, you would be like the veritable “rubber balloon deflating.” Taoist Sexology methods are very easy in comparison because the energy between partners goes both ways.

The methods in Dr. Yang’s book requires you find a person who agrees to devote their energy to you, so the energy goes only one way. I’m guessing that would be a “comfort woman” in China.

Taoist Sexology is mainly for increasing the health, happiness and satisfaction of married couples by increasing the potential of the sexual function (between partners).

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